Front End Chatter - episode 191

Front End Chatter


Greetings, podcast pilgrims, and welcome to Front End Chatter - just like having a fun chat down the pub with your mates about bikes, only without the drinks, or the ability for you to say anything back, or your actual real-life mates being involved. Or the fun, come to think of it. Alright, so it's nothing like having a fun chat down the pub with your mates, and much more like earwigging in on a pair of motorcycling mid-life crises unfolding in real time, mixed in with the odd history lesson pinched shamelessly from Wikipedia, half a badly photocopied GCSE maths exam paper, and a few swear words. Still, after 190-odd of these things it's somehow gathered enough momentum that neither of us knows where the handbrake is.

And so in episode #191 of this moss-dodging rolling stone, Simon and Mufga cover:

  • KTM's return to building sportsbikes, in the thinly camouflaged guise of the new 990 RC R, heading to a Supersport race series near you
  • MotoGP's plans to drop two dress sizes by summer, slim down those aero love handles and give their saggy rear ends a long-overdue lift
  • Yamaha's XSR900GP, which proves it can delight everyone from Rose-Tinted Racers to Portuguese school kids
  • Husqvarna's Svartpilen 801, which also stirs together dollops of the past, present and future like a timeline trifle
  • BMW's new Automated Shift Assistant tech and, perhaps more intriguingly, which as-yet-unannounced (but possibly already-photographed) bike it'll debut on
  • Whether one bike exists that could possibly replace a listener's pretty awesome-sounding three-bike garage
  • What motorcycling experiences you'd want to experience if your body had just a few years of riding left in it
  • Why tyres dare to demonstrate so alarmingly little respect for mathematical consistency
  • Whether hip replacements and motorcycles go together like a femoral head and an acetabulum

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