Front End Chatter - episode 184


Hello and welcome to Episode 184 of Front End Chatter, Britain's Bestest Biking Bodcast with him, Martin Fitz-Gibbons, and him, Simon Hargreaves – with thanks as ever to our patient and perfect partners Bennetts, the bike insurance specialisms, and, the most informative and entertaining motorcycling website on the, er web. Is it still called the web?

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Right, on with the show and today it's a bit of a FEC-sack Special because we're getting a bit behind with your emailed questions and queries – so it's all you today:

  • whose leathers are on the wall of a hotel near the Nürburgring?
  • great biking reassessments, such as Harley are technically advanced and Honda do think they can change gear better than you after all: with mandatory DCT and, now, Honda's Eclutch – another auto transmission. Honda really don't like manual gearboxes, do they? 
  • plus, Martin recalls having to reassess adventure bikes after it became clear they were taking over the world
  • how to regain a biking mojo
  • how will BMW's front collision warning cope with 'progressive' riding in traffic?
  • best bike for long range commuting?
  • is the SWC300 any good?
  • do we grow out of modifying bikes?

And much, much more...

Thanks for listening, please spread the word, please ring-fence a couple of dates in your diary – we have a FEC tour of Spain coming up in early June 2024, and a FEC tour of the Borders in late July 2024! YOU HAVE TO BE THERE! It's such a good time.

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