Pick of the ads - Yamaha XJ6-N

Posted: 28 Jun 2013



Yamaha's XJ6-N is as close to an honest everyday middleweight workhorse as you can get with added safety benefit of ABS. But at the same time its sports R6-derived engine can be mighty involving to use on twisting roads especially when using all available engine rpm – it’s a rev-happy unit. Yes, it is a naked bike and obviously you're at the mercy of windblast and the elements, but sat at the UK national speed limit this isn't a problem for mile after mile – this bike shows its everyday usability with additional flyscreen and heated grips. As a whole, the XJ6-N is a comfortable machine with bars set wide and at an easy to reach position and lends to quick steering in true sports bike fashion. The modern tubular steel frame is more than a match for the given engine performance, but is let down by budget mass produced suspension – the soft set up can find the rear shock struggling to deal with bumpy road surfaces. A looked after machine will show easily with little sign of corrosion or none at all. Always have a good look over the bike and spin the wheels – corroded and binding calipers are all too common.


2009 (09 reg), 600cc, 8290 miles, White

Yamaha XJ6-N ABS. 2009. 8290 miles, 9 months tax. 9 months MoT. Full service history from new stamped in book. 2 owners from new. Puig flyscreen, Oxford Hot Grips and R&G crash bobbins. Nearly new Michellin Pilot Road tyres. All receipts. 3 keys including red key. Garaged and recently valeted. Excellent first bike. Very economical. £3100. Contact: 07876 751733

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