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Modifications to declare

At Bennetts, it’s our responsibility as a broker to ask the right questions about you and your bike, including modifications which can enhance performance, value or theft appeal. This enables our panel of insurers to provide you with an accurate quote and ultimately, the best cover for your bike – ensuring no problems occur later if you need to make a claim.

You will need to tell us if you modify your bike's specification when you purchase the policy and throughout the policy term, if the specific modification is not on our accepted as standard list.

If any modification you’ve made to the bike is not specified on either our accepted as standard or declared lists you still need to tell us about it as it could affect your cover.

Please select ‘other’ and write a brief description in the box provided during your quote or alternatively call our specialist contact centre on 0344 412 2171.

Practical modifications to declare:

  • Crash Protectors (Bungs and Bars): Crash bungs and bars are fitted to motorcycles for the purpose of protecting side fairings and other expensive components (such as engine casings, swing arms, etc.) in the event of a crash, or more embarrassingly dropping the bike.

  • Panniers/ Top Box: A top-box is a hard storage compartment fitted behind the seat and is often accompanied by side panniers which provide safe storage and protect your stuff from bad weather. We only need to know if you’ve added these after-market, not if these were standard equipment at the factory, i.e. as fitted to the Honda Goldwing or BMW K1200LT.

Performance modifications to declare:

  • Carburettor Change: Changing the carburettor can improve performance by altering the fuel mix.

  • Derestricted Bike: Restricting the bhp for riders who have yet to pass their full test, if the bike has been derestricted back to its original power you must also notify us.

  • Engine Tuning: Adjustments to your bikes engine or ECU (Engine Control Unit) to enhance its performance, increasing power output or improving fuel economy.

  • Increased Engine CC: Reboring the engine will increase its displacement and the power of the bike.

  • Master Cylinder / Callipers / Disks: Changes to the braking system, i.e. increasing hydraulic pressure, improve performance under extreme heat conditions or provide greater consistency and reliability.

  • Dyno Jet kit (Stage 1,2 and 3): There are three options (stages) available, each connects to the carburettor to increase power and optimise fuel economy. Stages one, two and three are covered.

  • Power Commander: A Power Commander is an adjustment unit for fuel injection and ignition timing.

  • Quickshifter: A quickshifter is a device which lets the rider shift up without using the clutch and without rolling off the throttle, so the bike keeps its momentum during acceleration; great for track days.

  • Rear Set Change: Race style rear sets allow you to move your feet to a different position from stock rear sets. Some aftermarket rear sets are fixed and others are adjustable.

  • Rear Shocks: Changing the rear shocks can improve performance or comfort, these are usually adjustable.

  • Front Forks: Changes to the front forks may be for suspension improvements or adjustment to the fork length and rake angle.

  • Restricted Bike: Restricting the bhp for riders who have yet to pass their full test, if the bike has been derestricted back to its original power you must also notify us.

  • Steering Damper: Act like shock absorbers for the steering. Very helpful in controlling twitchy front-ends and “tank slappers”. They help keep the steering from becoming erratic at high speeds.

  • Swingarm: The swingarm is the main component of the rear suspension of most modern motorcycles, It is used to hold the rear axle firmly, while pivoting vertically, to allow the suspension to absorb bumps in the road.

Customised modifications to declare:

  • Custom Frame: Customisation of the bike's frame for performance or cosmetic appearance.

  • Custom Suspension: You must tell us if you change suspension equipment to a different specification or using parts with a higher value than the original manufacturer specification.

  • Custom Handlebars: Custom handlebars can alter the length, height and angle of the bars for comfort or style.

  • Streetfighter: A streetfighter is a sport bike that is customized by removing the fairing, and making other changes that result in an overall more aggressive look, specific changes that exemplify the streetfighter look are a pair of large, round headlights, tall, upright handlebars such as those on a motocross bike.

Styling / Bling modifications:

  • Carbon Fibre Parts: Carbon fibre replacement parts will reduce weight, enhance the appearance of your bike and could increase its replacement value. This can significantly increase the replacement value and theft appeal of the bike.

  • Chromed Parts: Cosmetic improvements to various bike components, i.e. engine casings, lights/mirrors, frames, wheels, and so on. This can significantly increase the replacement value and theft appeal of the bike.

  • Fairing Removal and Fairing Added (Inc. Belly pans): Fairing Removal: Removal of the fairing to give the bike a “naked” look (see “Streetfighter” if this is part of a bigger customisation).

  • Fairing Added: Adding fairings to a naked or semi-faired bike for wind and rain protection or cosmetic reasons. This also includes belly pans which are fitted below the engine to reduce aerodynamic lift.

  • Fairings Changed (Race fairings): Non-standard fairings fitted to improve track performance and/or avoid damage to expensive paint and decals on standard manufacturer fairings in the event of a crash. Please select “Carbon Parts” if the race fairings are made of carbon fibre.

  • Murals / Special Paintwork: Non-standard paintwork to personalise the look of your bike. We’re not interested in wear-and-tear repaints and touch-ups; we’re talking about custom paint designs and/or artwork.

  • Race Replica / Colours / Decals: We aren’t referring to “GB” stickers, nor do we need to know that “the other half fell off” or your admiration of the Woodland Trust, but we do need to know if your bikes appearance has been altered to look like a race replica, just like Scott Redding's for example.

  • Wheel Changes: We don’t need to know if you’ve replaced like-for-like wheels, i.e. following a collision or different colour wheels of the same spec. We do need to know if they are changed from original manufacturer specification, e.g. size, width, number of spokes, manufactured materials (chrome, carbon or alloy, etc.) and so on. If your replacement tyres are a different size or speed rating to the original specification you must tell us - of course they must be road legal.

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