Pick of the Ads - Triumph Bonneville and Sidecar

Triumph T100 Bonneville sidecar - what a laugh!? We want it!
If you’ve never tried a sidecar then the question should be why not!? They’re some of the most fun you can have on two (okay, three) wheels, you can chuck your family in the side, fill it full of camping kit, or just practice riding it on two wheels for as long as possible! Though we obviously don't condone that kind of behaviour!

This Triumph Bonneville T100  fitted with a Watsonian sidecar caught our eye on Bennetts Free Classifieds.

Okay, so it's not cheap, but as a winter ride to work bike it takes away the risk of falling off on ice as there’s three wheels, rather than two!

Watsonian sidecars are about the best you can get, and, you can always unbolt it when you don’t want  the chair slowing you down! Okay so you’re unlikely to want this as your main bike, things like cutting through traffic tend to take on a different light with an outfit, but as a bit of summer or winter fun it would be hilarious, and practical.

It’s on an ’07 and is advertised for £7495 with just 2218 miles on it. The full ad is below:

2007 (07 reg), 790cc, 2218 miles

3 Months Warranty,
Full Service History,
Datatool System 4 Alarm,
Fully Serviced and Mot'ed.
Owners manual,
Service Book,
Spare Key,
Two Owners,
Part Ex-Cars, Vans and 'Bikes

Contact: Jax Motorcycles - 01904 412724

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