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Posted: 20 Dec 2013


Anyone wanting a basic, reliable, economic Honda 125 learner-legal motorcycle without the thrills of sports replica bodywork should look no further than the CBF125. Quite simply it is a commuting tool, but makes for a perfect step from novice and onwards. The single-cylinder four-stroke engine, complete with fuel injection, is faultless and requires nothing but frequent checks of the engine’s oil level – this is a must if the bike is run flat out everywhere – on top of the regular service intervals. Of course, being someone’s first bike there is possibility that, like most 125cc bikes, some CBF125 will suffer from neglect. Pay particular attention to obvious areas of abuse such as brake pads, chain and sprockets, and handlebar/footpeg ends, which are first to suffer if the bike is dropped. Top speed of the CBF is around 65mph on a good day; 70mph if tucked in with the throttle wide open. But really there is no point in over-revving because CBF125 are happiest at 55mph, and will return a far better miles-per-gallon figure – approx 60-70mpg. The CBF isn’t the biggest in terms of seat height and the seat to footpeg relation and taller (6ft-plus) riders tend to overwhelm the bike. The front brake isn’t brilliant but a decent set of aftermarket brake pads makes a good difference. Being small in stature, the ride quality is nimble and the suspension can pick out road imperfections especially if the rider is carrying overstuffed rucksack and shopping. Bike retailer prices are a little higher than private sales but at least warranty sweetens the extra cost.


2011 (11 reg), 124cc, 2365 miles, black

Immaculate example of this ever popular Honda, Fi 4-Stroke, Very Economical, Only 1 Owner. Mainland UK Delivery only £110 + vat. Contact: 01466 792070. Price: £1995

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