Pick of the ads! Kawasaki ZXR400

Every week we search the Bennetts Free Classifieds ads to find the hottest bikes for sale. This week it's a Kawasaki ZXR400.

Kawasaki ZXR400 appears to have been fully rebuilt. They're rapidly becoming a 'modern classic' and good ones are getting rareWE SAY:

For a pure Sunday morning adrenaline kick there are few things in life more exciting than a ZXR400 on full chat. Forget for a minute that they’re only making about 60bhp and just tuck your head in behind the hoover pipes on the tank and immerse yourself in a 15,000rpm scream as four tiny pistons do their best to propel you at warp speed. For that moment on Sunday morning you are a racer, even if it’s on a little 400.

This bike is hardly a spring chicken as it’s on a J-reg but from the look of the pictures and the description it’s in great nick for the year. A word of warning though, ZXR400s have launched many race careers (just ask Chris Walker, current BSB star), so even if this one hasn’t been raced, plenty of them have.


Kawasaki ZXR400, £2200, 1992, (J reg), 398cc, 15,300 miles, Green

Description: If you’re looking at this you probably know a fair amount about these bikes and what they are like compared to others in their class. I bought this one in August 2009. It came as a rolling chassis and a box load of bits. I believe it might have been a race bike at some point but it’s hard to tell now. As with the L-model SP it was never officially imported into the UK and so this one was first registered in 1998 but is a 92 bike. Since acquiring the bike I’ve been piecing it back together with all the right parts in my spare time. This is why it’s taken so long to get it back together but its 100% done now. It is declared SORN so NO TAX or MOT. Anyway the list of what’s been done is too big, so for any info please email me at willie.miranda@hotmail.com or call: 0208-1639920.

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