Bikes for sale: Honda CRF250L

There are thousands of bikes for sale at Bennetts Free Classifieds, and plenty we'd like to buy ourselves. With the weather getting warmer, how about a commuter that you can also use off-road?

Honda's CRF250L. This one is for sale at Bennetts Free Classifieds.WE SAY:
Honda’s CRF250L is a handy commuter that’s fast enough to keep pace with traffic on the daily grind, but is also a brilliant and versatile dirt bike.

The CRF is not meant as a hardcore off-roader, but as an occasional trail bike for weekend use it’s a great compromise. Use it in the week on the road, and at weekends go and explore byways and green lanes. It's not a full-on dirt bike like a KTM 250, but for the beginner, or even a rider looking to get back into trail riding you'll be amazed what it can get over, and where it can take you.
This one doesn't off much of a saving over a brand new bike, but they're in short supply so could be worth a look. Read Bike Social's full review here.

Honda CRF250L, £3499. 2011 (11 reg), 249cc, 1250 miles. Red
Contact: 01935 474998, or see the ad on Bennetts Free Classifieds here.