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Date reviewed: November 2021 | Tested by: BikeSocial member Ben Cordy | RRP: £139.99 |


The new Knox Covert Mk3 waterproof gloves follow the trend of the Covert series by providing a comfortable three-season design with decent protection, premium materials, and a sleek, understated design.

This new generation of the Covert glove swaps the Outdry© membrane of the previous generation for Knox’s own ‘Knox Seal’ breathable laminated membrane, along with a number of other changes to an already brilliant glove.

After six months of all-weather city commuting on my trusty Honda CB500X here’s how they stack up…


Pros and cons
  • Extremely Comfortable
  • Quality finish and materials
  • Great level of protection
  • Hit and miss touchscreen compatibility
  • Awkward wrist cuff adjuster
  • Sticky Liner


Fit and feel

Right off the bat the Covert gloves feel every bit the quality their price suggests. Premium goat leather makes up the bulk of the outer material, with decent touches like the grip pads on the palm and fingers.

The new ‘Knox Seal’ laminated waterproof membrane helps to keep the bulk down, with the addition of a felt liner adding just enough warmth to make them the perfect spring/autumn glove. This lining and the breathable membrane do an impressive job of wicking sweat and warmth away, making them surprisingly comfortable for all but the hottest of the summer days.

The liner does get a little clingy after a long warm day but it’s held in place well, so no major issues there.

Fit is true to the size guide and as the possessor of entirely average hands the medium fits me perfectly, with just enough finger length but not too much. Initially the gloves were a little stiff but within 200 miles they had softened and formed to my hands, I dare say they are now my most comfortable gloves.


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Touchscreen compatibility

Like many of the ‘touchscreen compatible’ gloves on the market, the Coverts left me a little disappointed.

They use ‘Amara’ touch screen pads on two fingers and the thumbs, but even at a standstill I found responses to be hit and miss on both my Oneplus 8 Pro Android phone and my Apple iPad. I’ve found myself treating them as non-touchscreen and stopping to make gloveless sat-nav adjustments, or utilising the brilliant Carpe CI Controller instead.


Warm and cold weather use

The previous generation Covert gloves were my most worn mitts, serving for nearly four years throughout autumn into early winter (with heated grips) and right through spring into early summer.

These new and updated gloves – if anything – feel a little warmer, proving a perfect partner for our recent chilly spring and disappointing summer. I suspect with the assistance of heated grips they’ll remain my go-to gloves for the next month or two; impressive for such a lightweight glove.  


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Protection and certification

Like all Knox products, protection is one of the areas the Coverts really excel. Fitted with super-soft Micro-lock knuckle protection, scaphoid protection sliders and additional micro-lock pads in various strategic locations they’re a safe place for your hands to be. This protection feels ever so slightly more comfortable than the previous version, possibly owing to the switch to micro lock from the previously unspecified silicon pads.

As all gloves must be by law, the Coverts are CE-approved, in this case to EN13594:2015 Level 1.

For everything you need to know about the safety labels in your motorcycle kit, click here.




The fastening system is one area updated for the new version. The Velcro restraint at the base of the palm remains but moves to the top of the hand from underneath, and the zipped expanding cuff has been swapped for a full-size cuff with adjustable strap.

The wrist restraint works well with just enough give to allow for the gloves to go on and off without undoing the Velcro while remaining nice and secure.

Unfortunately, the new cuff strap design really doesn’t work for me; it doesn’t hold its position very well, coming loose as you ride and the excess cuff material is bothersome when tightened up. It’s no deal-breaker as the cuff unadjusted goes over all my jackets perfectly and under with little fuss, I just wish they had kept the zip closure of the previous version.


Wet weather use

The new Knox Seal membrane works really well. Over the last six months they’ve seen a lot of wet weather use and proven to be dependably waterproof. Even after a couple of horrendous two-hour rides in torrential rain, my hands were completely dry, albeit with quite damp glove outers. 

The membrane is laminated to the inside of the glove shell, so the leather does hold some water which unfortunately can give the sensation of wet hands even when you’re dry, and they do seem to take a while to dry out after very wet rides, not ideal if using them for commuting and something that will make them less warm when it’s raining (the evaporating moisture takes the heat from you).

The cuffs are just right in size both in terms of opening and length. They fit over the outside of all my jackets including my bulky wax cotton jacket with no problem. While the cuff adjuster isn’t great, the material is soft and slim enough to stuff under all my jackets’ sleeves for wet riding, keeping the water out and my hands safe from jacket drips.


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The lining of the Coverts is super-soft and the felt-like finish gives a premium feel, adding a nice touch of warmth for the colder days.

The liner sits beneath the bonded membrane and is well secured, however I did have my first pair replaced by Knox when the liner broke loose from the finger tips and thumb stitches, following a sticky wet ride. Customer services were great and the liner in the replacement pair feel significantly more solid and firmly fixed in place.

Whilse some prefer to avoid lined gloves, there is little to no movement in the liner and certainly no bunching of it at the joints like you can get in cheaper gloves.


Three alternatives to the Knox Covert Mk3 gloves

When it comes to multi-season waterproof gloves there's loads out there to choose from but here are three worthy of consideration if you decide the Know Covert Mk3 aren't for you:

  • While slightly more adventure styled, the Oxford Mondial gloves have proven to be a solid option available in short and long cuff designs and slightly cheaper than the Coverts at £99.99.
  • The Wolf Fortitudes cost just £79.99 and came highly recommended by BikeSocial’s Steve Lamb thanks to decent warmth and good waterproofing.
  • If you want gloves that’ll work into winter, consider the excellent Held Twin II gloves, which have two pockets to give different levels of warmth and feel. Check out the review here.

These are just three of many alternatives – you can find all the gloves we’ve tested here and be sure to regularly check for the discounts available through BikeSocial membership.


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Knock Covert Mk3 gloves review: Verdict

All in all, the Knox Covert Mk3s follow in the footsteps (or handprints) of their predecessors, bringing premium materials, super-comfortable fit and fantastic versatility. 

While they aren’t the cheapest gloves out there, the materials, finish and level of protection make them worth it for me, especially if they last as well as the previous generation Coverts these were bought to replace.

There are certainly a couple of areas for improvement but these will remain my go-to commuting glove for much of the year and I would highly recommend giving them a try.

Do you have a pair of these gloves? Email us at to tell everyone what you think of them…



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