Tested: Wolf Fortitude Waterproof Textile Gloves review


Date reviewed: October 2021 | Tested by: Steve Lamb | Price: £79.99 | www.wolf-moto.com


While these Wolf Fortitude gloves are designed to be matched with the Wolf Fortitude Laminate Jacket and Trousers, they are made with a more conventional three-layer construction of an outer layer, a breathable waterproof Hipora liner and a fleecy warm liner.

I've been wearing these gloves for over 1000 miles, in all weathers, on a variety of bikes from a Suzuki Burgman 400 to a Honda NC750X and my own Ducati Scrambler Classic.


For and against
  • Good waterproofing
  • Fingers are not too bulky
  • Provide decent warmth
  • Wrist adjustment is designed for thicker wrists
  • Touchscreen fingertips are clumsy
  • No finger wiper for wet weather visor clearing
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Fit and feel

I usually take a size 9 (medium) and at first these gloved felt quite tight, mainly due to the slender finger design. Despite my initial apprehension they were very quick to break in, and now fit as expected for a winter glove, allowing a full range of movement.

Unlike some winter gloves I have worn, where the sheer bulk of the glove prevents subtle control, the Wolf Fortitude manages to keep the material thickness to a more manageable level, meaning that you don't feel like you are riding with oven gloves on, and operating even the fiddliest of controls is unhampered.


Wolf Fortitude Waterproof Gloves Review_011


Touchscreen compatibility

While the Wolf Fortitude gloves do have an 'intelligent leather' patch at the ends of both index fingers and, surprisingly, the thumbs, I struggled to get reliable results with my smartphone.

This was probably due to the positioning of the patch, which requires you to use a flat finger rather than a pointing action. With the small screen and tight controls on most phones, this usually resulted in selecting the wrong icons or misdialling numbers.

With a TomTom Rider 500 satnav, the gloves worked well, though I did need to increase the sensitivity setting on the device.


Warm and cold weather use

Thanks to a typical UK spring, I used the Wolf Fortitude gloves on morning rides in temperatures close to freezing and while the very tips of my fingers started to feel the cold after around 20 miles, the bulk of my hand stayed surprisingly warm and comfortable. You will still need heated grips if you have a journey of anything more than an hour, and the thinner leather construction of the palm and fingers maximises the heat transfer to the hand if you are using heated grips.

Thanks to that triple layer construction, these gloves are far too warm for summer riding and I even found that, while these gloves were great for early morning use, I was packing a second pair of thinner gloves for the ride home when temperatures were expected to be into double figures.



Protection and certification

The Wolf Fortitude gloves are CE rated to EN 13594:2015 Level 1 KP (KP indicates knuckle protection). This is achieved through a combination of heavyweight 750 denier nylon outers combined with double stitched, double layer leather across the palm and side of the hand and little finger. Impact protection is provided by a carbon fibre knuckle protector and silicon sliders on the heel of the hand and at the vulnerable scaphoid bone at the base of the thumb.

To aid visibility, the cuffs are printed with reflective stripes and a reflective Wolf logo.

From April 21 2018, all new motorcycle clothing is deemed to be Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). To meet this legislation, it must be tested to a recognised standard. For more information on the new laws, click here.




To keep the gloves on in the event of a slide, there is a strap with hook and loop fastening allowing you to get a tight fit around the wrist. I did find that I was at the very end of the adjustment on this strap, so if, like me, your wrists are thin, you may struggle to get a truly tight fit.

The cuff falls in the sweet spot of being tight and slim enough to be tucked under your jacket cuff (good in wet weather as it stops water from running down your arm and into the top of the glove), and yet opens enough to allow you to close the wrist around your jacket cuff on cold but dry days to keep out the wind.


Wolf Fortitude Waterproof Gloves Review_009


Wet weather use

Even after over an hour of full-on rain and motorway speed driving spray from HGVs, the Fortitude gloves did a superb job of keeping my hands dry and warm, with not even a hint of dye transfer.

My only niggle is that lack of a wiper on the index finger for clearing your visor when the going gets tough. Love or hate them, there are times when a wipe of the visor is the only way to get a clearer view, and it would have been nice to have the option with these gloves.

Once safely back home, the gloves dried quickly without the need for additional heat and were ready to wear again the following day.



The fleecy lining provides a warm and cosy feel for the hands and while secure on the whole, I do get a little bit of pull out on the thumb, particularly if my hands are sweaty. Its easily avoided by holding the glove by the thumb and fingers while you take it off, so shouldn't be an issue.


Wolf Fortitude Waterproof Gloves Review_008


Wolf Fortitude gloves review: Verdict

Bad gloves can make a tricky wet or cold ride a truly dreadful experience and you should never underestimate the detrimental effect that cold wet hands have on your riding abilities. Thankfully, the Wolf Fortitude gloves provide both complete waterproofing, no matter the conditions, and sufficient warmth that they will cope with the majority of UK rides. In sub-zero temperatures you will need to resort to heated grips or heated gloves, but if you are looking for an affordable winter glove that looks great and provides decent protection, then the Wolf Fortitudes should be high up on your list.



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