Yamaha FZ1 Fazer (2nd Generation) review

Posted: 25 Mar 2013

Yamaha’s Fazer range has always represented good value be it in the 600cc or 1000cc categories. Reasonably priced from the use of parts drafted in from other models and utilising engines again from other models, albeit slightly detuned or revised for usability. A 1000cc engine however, is still a potent beast and the FZ1 Fazer is no slouch.

In 2006 Yamaha completely revised the FZ1 Fazer. Its engine came from the 20-valve 2004-2006 Yamaha R1 and despite slight neutering of its top end performance it is still capable of 140mph performance with acceleration to match. All the same the engine a friendly lump by being tractable enough to hook top gear at 50mph and the rider to make the most of a big fat wedge of torque for effortless cruising. It wasn’t all lovely though; the first version of the second generation FZ1 suffers from a hectic stumble with closing the throttle and immediately opening it up again. Use the throttle smoothly, though, and the creamy delivery is very rewarding.

What the FZ1 is best at is carrying the rider in decent comfort regardless of whether he/she is going banzai or just riding in an everyday way. The bars hold the rider upright and that top half fairing is perfectly adequate at keeping the weather and windblast at bay – at the same time there’s enough pleasing draft around the legs and lower body to appease riders who like the sensation of riding a non-faired bike.

Being blessed with a new aluminium dual beam frame (the first version had tubular steel) the FZ1 can actually be ridden at a good pace in complete safety. More than one has been taken to a trackday and embarrassed sports focused machinery.

The FZ1 is a genuine all-rounder and one of the best available. It has enough performance to satisfy everyone and a respectable chassis to keep it all in line. It can do the solo Sunday fun run and tour Europe with a pillion onboard without ever getting stressed. The same can be said for the rider and pillion.

+ points – comfort, flexible engine and enough performance to last

- points – brakes and fasteners suffer with winter use. Early model has fuel injection that gives snatchy throttle uptake

Year: 2006-to date
Power: 149bhp, 77ft lbs
Dry weight: 199kg
Seat height: 815mm
Colours: silver, blue