2024 TVS X Technical Review


Price: £tbc | Power: 11kW (15 PS) | Weight: 134kg | BikeSocial rating: tbc


TVS Motor Company is India’s third largest motorcycle manufacturer and, as of 2020, the owner of the resurgent Norton brand here in the UK. TVS produce an astonishing number of bikes – 4.95 million a year, to be reasonably precise – and now enter the premium electric scooter market with the all-new TVS X.

This “lean-mean-clean” machine has a claimed top speed of 105kph (65mph), accelerates from 0-40kph (25mph) in 2.6 seconds, and has a quoted range of 140km (87miles) in test conditions. It is planned to go on sale here in Europe in 2024.



Review – In Detail

For and against
Handling & Suspension (inc. weight & brakes)
Comfort & Economy


2024 TVS X Price

Prices have only been released for the home Indian market (249,990 Indian Rupees, which converts to around £2400). Its UK price is likely to be significantly higher, although TVS won't be able to confirm a figure until April 2024. In India, the X is priced well above similar, petrol-powered scooters, and I’d expect the same in Europe. However, that price is reflected in the bike’s premium feel and quality.



2024 TVS X Motor

Every component of the X has been developed in house by TVS in India. The X is powered by a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM), producing 11kW (15 PS) peak power and rated power at 7kW (9.5 PS) with an impressive 40Nm of torque on tap. TVS say the X is “designed to be fast and thrilling”, quoting a top speed of 105kph (65mph), and a 0-40kph (25mph) time of 2.5 seconds and 0-60kph (37mph) in 4.5 seconds. Range is a claimed 140km (87miles). There are three riding modes: Xtealth, “for your daily commute”; Xtride, “to feel that adrenaline”; and Xonic, “to max out the thrill”, with multi-level re-gen modes. Cruise control comes as standard, along with a reverse assist. The motor is cooled via ram air, which is a new concept for TVS. With the rapid Smart X home charger, 0-50% battery charge can be achieved in just 50 minutes and should give a range of 70km (44miles). On a 950W charger, 0-80% charge can be achieved in 3 hours 40 minutes. When the battery is low, an extremely wide and informative 10.2-inch touchscreen dash can guide you to the nearest EV charger. Hill hold control adds another dimension of comfort.



2024 TVS X Handling, weight and suspension

The all-new Indian-made EV is based around a cast aluminium alloy frame. The exposed and racy-looking Xleton frame has been designed for optimum stiffness and durability. Twelve-inch wheels (100/80 12 front and 110/80 12), upside-down telescopic forks up front and an offset monoshock at the rear give the X a very European look. Continuing the premium feel, there are disc brakes front and rear, while ABS come as standard but is on the front wheel only.

The wheelbase is 1285mm and, with weight kept low, the X should prove an agile machine.



2024 TVS X Comfort & Economy

Battery range is a quoted 140km (87miles), but of course we won't be able to confirm that until we ride the bike. Seat height is relatively low 770mm and for an electric bike there’s decent under-seat storage, as the batteries are not stored under the seat as they are on many EV scooters. To keep the rider amused and informed is a very impressive 10.2-inch TFT touchscreen dash, which tilts to match the height of all riders. As you’d expect, the screen comes with full connectivity which enables live video streaming, onboard games and even web browsing. You can check out your social media whilst stuck at the traffic lights, assuming that’s legal where you live. In addition, there is TVS NavPro, the onboard navigation system, and you can even personalise the large dash, change themes or just upload your own pictures and wallpaper. Keyless ignition, crash alert and tow alert add to the premium finish of the TVS X, and you can even enable live vehicle location sharing. LED lighting, flip-down rear pillion pegs, along with the huge 10.2” dash-entertainment centre add up to a high-level premium finish.



2024 TVS X Rivals

With a 105kph (65mph) top speed and range of 140km (87miles), the new TVS X sits alongside 125cc-equivalent petrol scooters, or EV scooters which have similar performance. In the EV class, we are looking at Yamaha’s NEO’s, the Seat MO and NIU MQi GT Evo, all of which we’ve tested. It will be interesting to see how the Indian-made TVS compares to the current competition when get to ride the new model later this year or early next.


Yamaha NEO’s | Price: £2950

Equivalent to a 50cc moped, which is reflected in price and performance. Excellent build quality, handling is light, easy and responsive – just like the brakes. Nicely styled too. Power/Torque: 3.5bhp/2.4Kw 100lb-ft/136Nm | Weight: 90kg


Seat MO | Price: £5800

A rebadged Silence, with proven technology, a neat design and a unique portable battery. Quality feel with Pirelli rubber but poor front forks. Power/Torque: 9.4bhp/7Kw 117lb-ft/240Nm | Weight: 152kg


NIU MQi GT EVO | Price: £3499

Claimed to be the current fastest bike in this class, with good performance, comfort and ride quality, but lacks under-seat storage. Attractive price tag. Power/Torque: 9.8bhp7.3kw 41.1lb-ft/56,2Nm | Weight: 128kg


Sudarshan Venu Joint Managing Director of TVS Motor Company, owners of Norton


2023 Indian TVS X Verdict

We only managed to view and walk around the Indian-made premium TVS X scooter in Dubai, but it looks good. We will let you know how it rides when we throw a leg over later this year or early 2024.



2024 TVS X Technical Specification

New price





Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor


11kw (Peak Power)





Top speed

105kph (65mph) claimed


140km (87miles) claimed

Charge time

3h 40 to 80% on 950W

Rider aids

3 rider modes, plus ABS.


Aluminium Alloy

Front suspension


Rear suspension

Offset single shock

Front brake

220mm disc

Rear brake

195mm disc

Front tyre


Rear tyre




Seat height









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