Husqvarna Svartpilen 801 (2024) - Technical Review


Price: £10,499 | Power: 103bhp | Weight: 181kg | Overall BikeSocial Rating: TBA


The choice of parallel twin roadsters in the circa-800cc class has never been wider and for 2024 you can add another option to the list in the form of the Husqvarna Svartpilen 801.

Following the tried-and-tested formula of wrapping KTM mechanical parts with more conventionally attractive styling, the latest Svartpilen is the first twin-cylinder machine to wear that badge since it was revived with the Svartpilen 401 Concept nearly a decade ago, and despite its close relationship to the KTM 790 Duke, Husqvarna’s previous efforts have shown the firm is able to imbue its bikes with characters of their own and the same is likely to apply here.


Pros & Cons

  • That distinctive Svartpilen look is more conventionally pretty than the 790 Duke it’s based on.
  • Strong tech package includes up/down quickshifter and cornering ABS/traction control.
  • 799cc LC8c engine is
  • Looks pricy compared to the £7,999 790 Duke and £6,999 CFMoto 800NK, both from the same stable.
  • Doesn’t get the latest ‘990’ version of KTM’s LC8c engine, or even the 890cc version used in the Husqvarna Norden 901.
  • No street-biased Vitpilen variant (yet).
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Review – In Detail

Price & PCP
For and against
Engine & Performance
Handling & Suspension (inc. weight & brakes)
Comfort & Economy


2024 Husqvarna Svartpilen 801 Price

At £10,499 the Svartpilen’s price positions it well north of the KTM 790 Duke, which shares many of the same components but it its recently-reintroduced, Chinese-manufactured form comes in at a tempting £7,999, but the Husky adds uprated suspension and goodies including an up/down quickshifter into the package to offset that extra expense. And with the KTM 890 Duke R now dropped from the lineup, KTM’s own range has a gap between the 790 Duke and the new, £12,999 990 Duke that the Svartpilen slots neatly into. The bike is expected to reach UK dealers in June.


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2024 Husqvarna Svartpilen 801 Engine & Performance

There are few mysteries to the 799cc, DOHC parallel twin powering the Svartpilen 801 – it’s KTM’s original LC8c, which debuted in the first-gen 790 Duke in 2017. In KTM’s hands that engine later grew to 889cc to become the ‘890’ that powered a generation of Dukes and Adventure models as well as the Husqvarna Norden 901, and most recently it’s been adapted into a completely new 947cc ‘990’ motor for the 2024 Duke. Meanwhile, the original displacement variant has made a comeback in a revived, Chinese-made version of 790 Duke, built by KTM’s joint venture with CFMoto, as well as appearing in CFMoto’s own 800MT adventure bike and, most recently, the 800NK roadster. Quite a journey for a motor that’s still younger than most engines on the market, and one that perhaps reflects how successful its essential design is.

It's a particularly compact engine – that’s what the lower case ‘c’ after the uppercase LC8 stands for (Liquid Cooled, 8-valve, compact) – and one that’s already been offered in a variety of tunes. For the Svartpilen 801, the 799cc version is in its 77kW form – that’s 105PS or 103bhp – with 87Nm (64 lb-ft) of torque. The numbers arrive at 9,250rpm, and 8,000rpm respectively, and match those of the current 790 Duke.

The compact layout comes courtesy of a semi dry sump design and a particularly tightly-packaged DOHC, 8-valve cylinder head, plus an over-square bore/stroke of 88mm x 65.7mm.

A ride-by-wire twistgrip controls two 46mm Dellorto throttle bodies, all harnessed to an IMU that allows cornering traction control and up to four riding modes.

The six-speed transmission is connected via an assist/slipper clutch that helps control engine braking forces on downshifts, and there’s a standard ‘Easy Shift’ up/down quickshifter to allow clutchless changes. Top speed will be in the region of 140mph.


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2024 Husqvarna Svartpilen 801 Handling & Suspension (inc. Weight & Brakes)

Like the engine, the Svartpilen 801’s chassis owes more than a little to KTM’s 790 Duke. It’s essentially identical, with the same chrome-molybdenum steel tubing and layout.

The suspension, as usual for KTM and Husqvarna, is from WP, with 43mm Apex forks giving 140mm of travel and a matching Apex monoshock with 150mm of rear wheel movement – numbers that, once again, match the 790 Duke. But the Husqvarna’s suspension is higher-spec than the 790 Duke and features five-step click adjusters on top of the fork tube, one for compression damping, the other for rebound. The rear shock also has rebound damping adjustment as well as preload.

WP also supplies a standard-fit steering damper, and the Husqvarna has its own design of 17-inch cast alloy, five-spoke wheels with 120/70 and 180/55 Pirelli MT60 RS rubber.

Like the KTM it’s based on, the Svartpilen gets J.Juan four-pot radial front calipers on a pair of 300mm discs, plus a 240mm rear disc and two-piston caliper. Bosch supplies the cornering ABS system, and like several KTM models the rear anti-lock can be disabled in ‘supermoto mode’ to allow intentional lock-ups at the back.

Husqvarna is claiming a 181kg weight, but it’s not quite like-for-like with the numbers quoted by most manufacturers. The majority now quote wet weights including a tank of fuel, as demanded by EU type-approval authorities. The Svartpilen’s own type-approval documents put the bike at 191kg wet, which makes sense as its 14-litre tank will carry around 10kg of petrol.


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2024 Husqvarna Svartpilen 801 Comfort & Economy

Despite all its similarities, the Svartpilen’s riding position is noticeably different to the 790 Duke that it borrows so many components from. The seat, at 820mm, is only 5mm lower but the bars are significantly higher, with a motocross-inspired design. The foot controls are repositioned, too, with the pegs moved slightly up and rearwards, and the seat shape is changed considerably to suit the Husqvarna’s style. The tank is longer and lower than the KTM’s, pushing the seat rearward, so like the other KTM-based Husqvarna Svartpilen and Vitpilen models, the new 801 promises to have a distinct feel and character of its own.

When it comes to economy, Husqvarna claims a fairly impressive 62.8mpg (4.5 l/100km), and with 14 litres on board, that should allow for a tank range of up to 193 miles. The service intervals are also long, at 15,000km (9320 miles) between dealer visits.


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2024 Husqvarna Svartpilen 801 Equipment

We’ve already touched on the Svartpilen’s rider assist systems, including cornering ABS and cornering  traction control as well as three or four riding modes. Three come as standard: Sport mode has rapid throttle response, lax traction control and supermoto ABS that lets the rear wheel lock. Street mode is a middle setting with moderate throttle response and traction control and ABS settings. Rain mode calms everything down with softer responses and maximum TC assistance.

The optional fourth riding mode, Dynamic, lets you configure individual functions to come up with your own personal setting and is activated via a software update. Other rider aids include an optional anti-wheelie system with five levels of intervention, an optional engine brake control system, and an optional cruise control.

All this is operated via the now-usual TFT dashboard, with the expected app-based phone and music functions including turn-by-turn navigation.



2024 Husqvarna Svartpilen 801 Rivals

The Svartpilen 801’s hardest rivals come from within KTM’s own stable. KTM’s own 790 Duke and partner company CFMoto’s 800NK both share a similar engine and cost less but have lower-spec suspension and equipment levels. You might also be tempted by other parallel twin newcomers in the same capacity class, like Honda’s Hornet CB750 or Suzuki’s GSX-8S – both substantially cheaper than the Husqvarna –  while Ducati’s ever-present Monster is a little more expensive but offers extra power and torque.

None of those bikes have the Svartpilen’s scrambler style, though. If you want that, then Ducati’s Scrambler Icon (£9995) and Full Throttle (£10,995) bracket the Svartpilen 801 on price but have less performance (73hp).


KTM 790 Duke | Price: £7999

Power/Torque: 103bhp/64lb-ft | Weight: 189kg (wet)


CFMoto 800NK | Price: £6999

Power/Torque: 94bhp/58lb-ft | Weight: 189kg (wet)


Ducati Monster | Price: £11,295

Power/Torque: 111bhp/69lb-ft | Weight: 188kg (wet)



2024 Husqvarna Svartpilen 801 Verdict

We’ll let you know when we’ve ridden it.


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2024 Husqvarna Svartpilen 801 Technical Specification

New price

From £10,495



Bore x Stroke

88mm x 65.7mm

Engine layout

Parallel twin

Engine details

8-valve, DOHC, liquid-cooled


103bhp (77KW) @ 9,250rpm


64lb-ft (87Nm) @ 8,000rpm


6 speed, chain final drive, up/down quickshifter, assist/slipper clutch

Average fuel consumption

62.8mpg claimed

Tank size


Max range to empty

193 miles

Rider aids

Cornering ABS, Cornering Traction Control


Chrome-molybdenum steel tube chassis

Front suspension

43mm WP Apex USD forks

Front suspension adjustment

Compression and rebound adjustable

Rear suspension

WP Apex monoshock

Rear suspension adjustment

Preload and rebound adjustable

Front brake

2 x 300mm discs, four-piston J.Juan radial calipers. Cornering ABS with Supermoto mode

Rear brake

240mm disc, two-piston J.Juan caliper. Cornering ABS with Supermoto mode

Front wheel / tyre

120/70-17 Pirelli MT60 RS

Rear wheel / tyre

180/55-17 Pirelli MT60 RS



Seat height



181kg (without fuel)


2 years



MCIA Secured Rating

Not yet rated



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  • An ignition immobiliser system
  • A vehicle marking system
  • An alarm system
  • A vehicle tracking system with subscription

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