MotoGP bosses clarify concessions for 2016

Author: Oli Rushby Posted: 07 Jan 2016

No concessions for Ducati in 2016

MotoGP bosses have confirmed which concessions will be available to certain manufacturers for the 2016 season.

With the introduction of the ‘Open Class’ in 2014, some teams were permitted the use of a super soft tyre, extra fuel, a larger engine allocation, no freeze on engine development and unlimited testing. 

Having not won a race since 2010, Ducati were also granted these concessions as were Aprilia and Suzuki when returning to MotoGP last year.  

While some concessions have been dropped altogether for the 2016 season inline with the end of the ‘Factory’ and ‘Open’ class split era, a number will remain for new manufacturers and those in need of improvement.

Remaining concessions include a larger engine allocation, with these teams permitted to use nine engines per rider across the season instead of the new allocation of seven for factory teams, unlimited testing and no development freeze on engines.

The concessions will no longer include a softer tyre option or increased fuel allowance with all teams now permitted to use 22 litres.

Suzuki still get concessions

These concessions will be granted to any manufacturer entering MotoGP for the first time since 2013, or manufacturers who have not achieved a dry race win since the 2013 season. 

Manufacturers will lose, or gain, concessions based on a points system with three concession points for a win, two for second place and one for third whether the race is wet or dry. Any manufacturer accruing six or more concession points in any one season will lose their concessions with immediate effect.

Following the increase in performance of Ducati’s Desmosedici GP15 last season, the MSMA (Motorsport Manufacturers’ Association) requested that these rules were backdated to the 2015 season, meaning Ducati have been stripped of their entitlement for 2016. 

Aprilia and Suzuki are now the only manufacturers granted concessions and moving forward, should either marque achieve six concession points in any one season their unlimited testing will stop immediately while their engine allocation and development entitlement will change the following year.

Furthermore, any manufacturer failing to score a single concession point in any one season will be granted the approved concessions for the following year. Therefore, should Ducati fail to finish on the podium in 2016, any rider on a Ducati for the 2017 season would be granted concessions. The same applies to both Yamaha and Honda.

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