Rossi slams 'embarrassing' Marquez for 'protecting' Lorenzo

Author: Oli Rushby in Valencia Posted: 08 Nov 2015

Rossi missed out on the championship by five points

Valentino Rossi has launched a scathing attack on Marc Marquez following today’s Valencian Grand Prix.

The Italian believes Marquez deliberately helped Jorge Lorenzo win the title by opting not to pass him at any point during the 30-lap race.

The complaints echo those Rossi made in the press conference ahead of Sepang suggesting Marquez had deliberately tried to slow him in the previous race at Phillip Island.

Marquez was on Lorenzo’s tail throughout today’s race with the gap between the two riders no higher than half a second at any one point. Marquez appeared to reel in the Yamaha rider towards the end of the race but didn’t make any attempt to make a pass.

Having started from the back of the grid following the controversial coming together with Marquez in Malaysia, Rossi charged off the line making up as many as ten positions in the first few corners.

By lap ten he’d moved into fourth place and with Lorenzo, Marquez and Pedrosa some 14 seconds up the road he’d done all he could. Lorenzo’s victory to Rossi’s fourth place saw the Spaniard take the 2015 title by five points.

“We had some great battles this year with Marquez and especially Lorenzo, and I think this championship had the potential to become one of the best of the last years,” said Rossi speaking to journalists in Valencia.

“The battle with Jorge could have arrived at the last corner of the last race but unfortunately in the last few races something changed. Something happened that nobody expected, firstly me but also a lot of people and that is that Marc Marquez decided to protect Lorenzo and help him win the championship. The problem started in Phillip Island and then we went to Malaysia where we touch and Marquez crash.”

Marquez got close but didn't pass Lorenzo

“For me if you look at the races of Marc Marquez in the last two years, you know that he always tries to overtake and will always try to overtake on the last lap. So the first question is, why did Marc Marquez not try to overtake Jorge Lorenzo and why did he not make one attempt on the last lap?”

Rossi had appealed his penalty from Sepang and requested a stay of execution (suspending the penalty until the appeal had been heard) with the Court of Arbitration for Sport, but the body ruled on Thursday that while they’d investigate Rossi’s case, the penalty would stand for now leaving him to start from the back of the grid. The Italian says it was at this point he knew he wasn’t going to win.

“When I found out I would start last on Thursday I knew already that the championship was finished because I am sure that Marquez wanted to finish his work and try to protect Lorenzo in the last race. I said this on Thursday and it happened exactly as I expected. Today in the race was quite embarrassing, the last lap was bad for the sport because something happened that never happened before.”


Despite being furious with the manner in which he believed the title was decided, Rossi was full of praise for team-mate Lorenzo and said he’s a fully deserving champion.

“I’m not desperate because I think I have played my cards in the best way but I am very sad for this finish like this because I was ready to lose the championship for Jorge as he was always very fast on the track but this way it is not fair.”

The last time Rossi publicly attacked Marquez led to the incident in Sepang, but Rossi says this isn’t going to stop him sharing his opinion.

“I don’t know about the future with Marquez, what can I do? I have to stop because I’m scared? I’m just trying to explain my point of view and what has happened.”