Crutchlow calls for calm after 'out of order' threats

Author: Oli Rushby in Valencia Posted: 06 Nov 2015

Crutchlow has called for calm

Cal Crutchlow has slammed those calling for riders to move over and allow Valentino Rossi through in Sunday’s MotoGP race at Valencia.

Rossi will start from the back of the grid this weekend after being handed three penalty points for his controversial coming-together with Marc Marquez in Sepang.

In the weeks between the two races, a number of fans have made calls on social media for riders not involved in the title fight to allow Rossi through so there can be a straight fight between the Italian and rival Jorge Lorenzo for the crown.

“I won’t be moving over for anybody,” said Crutchlow speaking to journalists in Valencia. “My team pay millions of euros to be here and out of respect to them I’ll try my best every race. I’m not pulling over for someone and that’s no disrespect to any other rider on the grid.

“I think it’s completely out of order that people are asking us to do that. We’re here to race. I never made the rules. I didn’t do anything wrong so why should I give in to pressure from the public to move over? It’s disrespectful to me as a motorcycle racer, it’s disrespectful to my team who have 50 staff here every weekend busting their arse for me to finish one place, one second, one tenth higher up than what I was going to.”

Crutchlow was ninth fastest today

Some have taken such requests even further with a number of riders reporting to have received death threats in the build up to the weekend.  

“At the moment the people are that mental some of the things that have gone on and been said is quite out of order. People can’t be doing what they’re doing. We need to calm the situation down as much as possible because we’re all here wanting to do the same thing. All wanting to win, all wanting to go faster. We love what we do and I don’t think we should be in the state we’re in where people are threatening to take people’s lives and stuff like that.

“A lot of money goes into this paddock but everybody wants the same outcome so nobody wants to hear ‘we’re going to do this that and the other if you don’t let them through’, you can’t say that as far as I’m concerned. I also know all the riders that are involved in the thing, which is not me, and they feel the same. All I have to say is that I hope the best man on Sunday wins, I hope they have a clean fight, which is going to be more difficult with Valentino on the back of the grid. They’ve both rode fantastic all year and the champion at the end of the race will be the champion and that’s it.”