VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: The Real Scott Redding


Bike Social spent a day and a bit getting to know the REAL side of British MotoGP star, Scott Redding.
From motocross training and 6am runs at home in Spain to chopping melon his way and Bob Marley trousers, the behind-the-scenes documentary is coming soon to

See British MotoGP star, Scott Redding, as you've never seen him before - at home and uncut! 

Redding gave Bike Social exclusive access to his real life away from the racetrack - from lairy sideways supermoto training, forty-foot jumps on MX bikes, to playing ping pong on his dining room table.

We sat on the shoulder of the 
22-year old Estrella Galicia 0,0 MarcVDS rider at his home in Spain to bring you exclusive access to Britain's favourite MotoGP rider. It makes incredible viewing.

Here's a sneak peek:

Stay tuned to Bike Social for the first part of our series, coming very soon!