Cal Crutchlow: 'Being top Brit means nothing'

Author: Oli Rushby Posted: 19 Feb 2015

Crutchlow says being top Brit means nothing

Cal Crutchlow has said that finishing top Brit means ‘nothing’ despite having two of his countrymen on a similar level of machinery this season.

Last week, Scott Redding told Bike Social that his first target for 2015 will be Crutchlow as both of them are mounted on identical satellite Honda RC213Vs.

With Bradley Smith also on a factory bike in a satellite team at Tech 3 Yamaha, all three Brits have the machinery to run at the front this season.

“If they [Redding & Smith] are focusing on being the top Brit then they are focusing on the wrong thing,” Crutchlow told Bike Social at the CWM LCR Honda team launch in London. “Top Brit means nothing, absolutely nothing. I could have said I was still the fastest Brit last year as I was beating them at the end of the season but I didn’t. They are looking at the wrong thing, you need to be looking at the winner, the guys leading the championship and the other factory riders, not looking at what I’m doing because I’ve been the fastest Brit for the last few years. It’s humbling because they look at me and think I’m the target but I’m really not, I don’t look at them and think they’re the target.

“I’m looking forward to going into this season and I hope they do well because they deserve it. Bradley works harder than a lot of the riders and Scott is going to have a great career in MotoGP.”

Crutchlow says Marquez is his target

So if Redding and Smith aren’t on Crutchlow’s hit list, who is? If he’s targeting the winner then surely he’s got his eyes set on the man at the front, Marc Marquez. Can he beat him?

“Yeah I feel like I can,” Crutchlow continued. “Don’t get me wrong, last year I had a bad year in terms of confidence after my crash in Texas but look at the end, in Phillip Island I was four seconds behind Rossi for the win, until I crashed but still! I had some good races at the end of the year. It’s funny, it only takes me one lap to get my confidence, if I make a really good lap, it might not even be my fastest lap, I can rebuild it quite well.” 

Crutchlow set the 11th fastest time at the Sepang test earlier this month, some 1.5 seconds off the pace set by Marquez but the Brit says he’s not concerned.

Crutchlow at the CWM LCR Honda Launch

“I’m not looking at the Sepang test just gone. In all honesty, I was too rusty, didn’t feel very good on the bike and needed to get going again. If Scott and Brad are at the front then I’ll be looking at them as I want to be at the front. If you don’t aim to be at the front then there’s no point in being there. I enjoy riding my motorcycle and riding for the team I’m riding for and hopefully this year will be a good year for everybody.”

Pics: Bonnie Lane