Scott Redding: "I think I could be competitive on the Ducati"

Author: Oli Rushby Posted: 28 Aug 2015

Redding says he thinks he could be faster on the Ducati

Scott Redding has said he thinks he would be competitive should he make the switch from Honda to Ducati machinery for the 2016 MotoGP season.

The Brit maintains no decision has been made in regards to where he will be riding in 2016, but says he thinks he could make a positive step forward on the Desmosedici GP15.

Redding has struggled this season aboard the MarcVDS RC213V and is keen to try something new. While he does have an option to remain at Marc VDS, but it seems ever more likely by the minute that he will make the switch.

“It’s so 50/50 at the minute I don’t want to say I’m going to go either way and muck things up,” said Redding speaking at Silverstone. “This weekend is the last weekend I have to decide so I need to have some quiet time and sort it out.

“The VDS team have put so much together to make this happen for me so it’s a shame we can’t get the results. I can’t make that gamble next year because if I don’t get the results I’ll be sat at home the year after and that’s not what I want to do.”

It’s not just Redding who has been struggling with the Honda this year. While he places last of the four factory-spec Hondas on the grid, Crutchlow and the two Repsol Honda riders have also been having a tough time of it.

“From what we’ve spoken to Ducati about I think it would be the same bikes the factory Ducati riders are on now. For me that’s good, Honda don’t know what next year’s bike will be. They built a new bike, tested it in Misano and were half a second slower whereas Ducati have built a bike and brought it a long way, they’ve done the hard work and now it’s down to fine tuning.

“I think I could be more competitive on the Ducati. Herandez and Petrucci are great riders but I do believe I have more talent than them. They have to work for it and they are still beating me so as far as I’m concerned I can’t be worse. I’m not saying they aren’t good riders, they are in MotoGP, but I think I am a better rider than them.”

This weekend’s result could play on Redding’s mind should things improve, he placed sixth and ninth in today’s two sessions.

“In the beginning of FP1 I was a bit uncomfortable as it really feels fast, the factory bike makes a huge difference here. I was like ‘fuck, I’ve got some speed here!’ and then I started to settle in and it felt really good and I saw a bit of what the other guys were doing and then the same in the afternoon.

“We used one tyre this afternoon, that’s why I set the lap time at the beginning not the end. I feel pretty comfortable, on the limit but good. The only thing is over the small bumps in the slower corners, like turn 8, I’m losing the front. It’s not quite chatter, not quite sliding but I know something is happening and I’m losing time.”

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