Scott Redding: "I don't know what to expect at Silverstone"

Author: Oli Rushby Pics: Bonnie Lane Posted: 25 Aug 2015

Redding says he doesn't know what to expect this weekend

Scott Redding has said he ‘doesn’t know what to expect’ from this weekend’s British Grand Prix after the difficult season he’s faced so far.

Redding has struggled to find feeling on his Marc VDS Honda RC213V Honda this year and as a result of which he has only finished in the top ten twice so far – something he’s hoping to change this weekend.

The 22-year-old was the last Brit to win a race on home soil having won the Moto2 race in 2013, a feat he knows he won’t be repeating this time around.  

“I don’t really know how I’m feeling about this weekend,” he said, talking to Bike Social. “Last year we had a good result but we knew what our targets were on that bike. This year everything is so up and down we don’t know what to expect. One weekend it can be really good the next weekend it’s terrible.”

Something making Redding’s woes worse is that he and the Marc VDS team are struggling to find a solution to his problems.

“We keep trying so many different things to make it right and it just depends on the track, in Texas and at the Sachsenring it was all OK but everywhere else we are struggling all weekend and we don’t know why.

Redding says he doesn't know what to expect ahead of Silverstone

“Last year I didn’t have any issues with the bike really, apart from the obvious power deficit but it was consistent. This year I’m struggling to know whether a weekend will be good or not, we can only find out when we get to Silverstone. After practice we’ll know how it’ll turn out.”

Despite his problems, he’s still looking forward to racing in front of the home crowd.

“The home crowd doesn’t add any pressure, true fans understand what the situation is. They aren’t going to expect me to go and win it; I’ve just got to do the best I can. It’s a special race as I’ve won there in the past and the fans are incredible, but this year things are a bit different.

“It could be that the bike works well but we could easily find ourselves in the same situation as Brno. Either way, my aim is to secure my best result of the season. I hope we can pull everything together and put in a strong performance for the home fans.” 

There are also questions surrounding the Brit’s future in the air ahead of the weekend, with rumours placing him at the Pramac Ducati team for 2016. 

“I just want to do the best thing for my future”, he said. “I’m in a sticky situation and I want to make the right decision.” 

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