Crutchlow: "If Kent has MotoGP offer he should take it"

Author: Oli Rushby Posted: 27 Aug 2015

Crutchlow says Kent should move to MotoGP

Cal Crutchlow has said that should Danny Kent have the opportunity to move up to MotoGP next season he should grab it with both hands.

Speaking ahead of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, Crutchlow says that as soon as the opportunity arises, any rider should snap up a MotoGP deal because things could easily change 12 months later.

Kent is believed to be eyeing up a MotoGP deal for 2016 and is considering a number of options. Crutchlow, who moved to MotoGP from World Superbikes in 2011, thinks this would be the option for the Moto3 championship hopeful.

“These riders are class riders, they aren’t Marc Marquezs or Valentino Rossis but they can have a fantastic career in MotoGP and they can definitely ride motorcycles,” said Crutchlow.

“If Danny is coming, he needs to not even think about the results and learn to ride the bike. Jack has done things a little bit different, he wanted the result, he’s now put the pressure on himself a little bit because he got a few not too bad results and then there’s the pressure from everybody else too.


“Danny will be completely different. If he comes up he needs to just ride the bike and forget about everything because it’s difficult. Honestly, you can’t go off and say Marc came up from Moto2 and started winning, what about Pol and Scott Redding? If everybody thought because they could beat Marc once they can do it, it wouldn’t work. If Danny comes up he needs to take his time, he’s a great rider, a really good rider.

“I don’t know if his style will suit MotoGP though, I think he’d need to change a lot. Jack’s style, where he’s braking 50 metres later than everyone else with the slow corner speed then coming out, is more MotoGP where Danny’s style, I wouldn’t say he’s too smooth but you need to be a bit more out of control in MotoGP, unless you’re on a Yamaha.

“As soon as you can get here, you have to get here. As soon as you get that opportunity you need to take it because next year things will change again, there won’t be rides available, there will be a different situation with manufacturers, bikes tyres, engines, things are changing all the time. If you get the opportunity now you should come, even if it is from Moto3. Jack has shown he can do it so other riders can.”

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