Redding: 'Maybe I got a bit hot-headed'

Author: Oli Rushby Posted: 13 Apr 2015

Redding says he got a little hot headed

A disappointed Scott Redding has admitted that he got a ‘little hot-headed’ on the first lap of yesterday’s MotoGP race in Austin.

There were high hopes for the British rider, who had achieved his best ever qualifying to start from the second row, but a crash half way round the first lap saw his race come to a premature end.

“That wasn't really what we expected! I had a good start and I started to fight with Lorenzo at the first corner and he passed me into turn two, I got back past at three and he threw it up the inside of me into four with no attempt to make the apex [sending me wide] and I got back on track beside Pol.

“I passed Pol into turn 11 and I went a little bit deep, maybe a metre, but Lorenzo was quite deep too and as he was coming back I touched the back of him and lost the front and that was the end of my day. I did another few laps but the peg and gearshift had come off.

“I didn't want to let the guys go in front because if Marc or those guys get a gap you won't get it back. I had a good chance of a top five finish here and I was fast. Lorenzo was holding me up and because I was sure that those other guys were going to go I was maybe a little bit hot headed.”

Espargaro was visibly frustrated by the incident, shaking his fists at the Estrella Galicia Marc VDS rider but Redding says it was a racing incident…

Redding slipped off on the first lap

“I haven't spoken to Pol but I don't know how he could blame me because I passed him quite early on the brakes and he came back around me so I don't know if he released the brakes because I don't know how I ended up taking him out. Because I touched Lorenzo I didn't actually slide anywhere I just stopped on the point and he hit me then. It's a racing incident and it was a bit s**t for him but it happens sometimes.”

Before the crash, Redding enjoyed a much stronger weekend with his Marc VDS team making a breakthrough with the Honda RC213V. Before the race in Qatar, the team stiffened the suspension which made an immediate improvement to the bike’s handling. Moving to America, the suspension was stiffened further and with no negative impact, this avenue was pursued further.

“It changed the handling massively in Qatar,” Redding explained. “We tried to go stiffer and it wasn't a negative so we thought that it might be a good way to go with this bike. We've carried on with that direction and it's gotten better and better with this bike.

“This weekend was really good and every session we were a bit faster. In the warm-up we were fourth, we qualified sixth and in the rain we were also pretty good. I expected a good result in the race so I was a bit disappointed but knowing that I'm confident going in to Argentina.”

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