Isle of Man TT 2018: Video Preview with James Whitham

By Michael Mann
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We’re within touching distance of the 2018 Isle of Man TT with practice and qualifying on the 37.73-mile Mountain Course taking place ahead of the first race of nine over 7 days which is the 6-lap RST Superbike race due to kick off at noon on Saturday 2nd June, weather permitting.

Since the turn of the year the build-up to the TT has been dominated with several headlines – will Ian Hutchinson and John McGuinness recover in time from their injuries sustained at last year’s TT and North West respectively? Who will they ride for if they do? Once Honda and Norton were the confirmed destinations it was all about when their cages would be removed and how fit each would be. Then we heard about Bruce Anstey’s unfortunate illness and the withdrawal of his entry (we wish him a speedy recovery) and finally it was down to who was Michael Dunlop going to ride for.

The sub-plots to the 2018 Isle of Man TT have been fascinating and who better to talk about the potential winners, bikes and where best to watch than James Whitham who has commentated on the TT for nine years as well as competing in the late 80’s.

Here, Chris Newble (BikeSocial/Bennetts Social Media Manager) and I sit with Whitham to discuss the 2018 version of the greatest road race in the world. Sit back and enjoy…


Who to watch out for at the 2018 Isle of Man TT
TT, BSB and WSB commentator, James Whitham, discusses the runners and riders at the 2018 Isle of Man TT
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