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Top 10 BSB photos – Jamie Morris

By Chris Newble

Growing up with Brands Hatch on his door step, his love for motorsport was an inevitability



We sat down with renowned Bennetts BSB photographer, Jamie Morris, to take a look back at his some of his favourite BSB shots of all time.


With the current gap in the Bennetts BSB season, we take the opportunity to delve into the BSB archives with renowned race photographer, Jamie Morris.

A former racer himself, Jamie has been capturing the series since 2010 and is one of our official BSB photographers. Here are ten of his favourite shots of all time and why they’re so special to him.



1. Chris Walker – Mallory Park Race of the Year 2006

My first ever published photo. It wasn't even in the sports section, but made the reader’s photos section in MCN. I was hooked, it gave me the bug for seeing my images in print.


We sat down with renowned Bennetts BSB photographer, Jamie Morris, to take a look back at his some of his favourite BSB shots of all time.


2. Tommy Hill – Cadwell Park 2010

This shot was from my first season in British Superbikes and still one of my favourite photos. It still amazes me seeing this image and how everyone behind missed him.



3. Andy Reid – Brands Hatch 2017

This was during my “find the most obscure way to take a photo” stage. It took me far too long to get this, but even now looking back it was worth the effort I think.



4. Josh Brookes – Cadwell Park 2015

Where this photo was taken is now classed as a red zone so it wont be updated any time soon. But the light, Brookes style and the random blowing leaf just make this for me. Still blows my mind how sharp this photo is!



5. Brands Hatch 2016

At the time, although liking this image, I didn't think it was anything particularly special. It turned out that someone saw this photo which opened up doors to massively further my career.



6. Shakey and Haslam – Brands Hatch 2017

One of the best instances of being in the right place at the right time. I held the camera above my head and shot away hoping that I got something. I remember holding my breath and hoping before I checked the back of the screen. An incredible season and last round and I look back on this photo fondly.



7. Jason O'Halloran – Silverstone 2017

Many photographers have stood in the same place and got very similar photographs over the years, but I remember working at Goodwood Revival the Friday and Saturday of this BSB weekend. I turned up on the Sunday morning playing catch-up after missing two days. Then Jason goes and does this in morning warm-up. The flying rubber just makes it for me.



8. Thruxton 2018

Totally messing about with the camera. But I get bored of seeing just bikes going round corners sometimes. Sure there’s a time and place for them, but I like to do things differently every now and then.



9. Tommy Bridewell – Cadwell Park 2019

It took me many years and many attempts to capture this in a way that I was happy with. It needs no other explanation. OB46.



10. Shane Byrne – Brands Hatch 2017

After standing on pit lane for many years, I finally managed to get up to the top of the tower in 2017. The crowd, the weather and the streamers finished off what was an awesome year in BSB.


Check out some more of Jamie’s incredible work here.


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