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QUIZ 1 | How well do you know your Bennetts BSB?

By BikeSocial

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QUIZ 1 | How well do you know your Bennetts BSB?

Our weekly trivia quiz is your chance to put your Bennetts British Superbike knowledge to the test! Here's this week's selection...


Question 1 - BSB Quiz

Q1. Which out of the following Bennetts BSB champions has won the most races?

a) Niall Mackenzie   

b) Steve Hislop   

c) John Reynolds


BSB trivia questions

Q2. Which out of the following nationalities has won the most Bennetts British Superbike races?

a) Spain   

b) Japan   

c) Australia


Q3. Josh Brookes is one of just two Australian riders to lift the the iconic Bennetts BSB title.

Can you name the other rider?

Q4. Eyes down...

Who's this young Bennetts BSB rider?


Q5. Firestarter...

Can you name the rider and the year this photo was taken? 


Q6. Warming up...

Who's this having a stretch in pit lane? 


Q7. Exhausting work...

Can you identify the rider and the year?


Q8. Two's company, three's a crowd... 

Riders? Year? Circuit?


Q9. Footloose... 

Do you know this rider from 2016?


Q10. Shane 'Shakey' Byrne has won a staggering six Bennetts BSB titles!

But in what year did he win his first?




Q1) John Reynolds

Q2) Japan

Q3) Troy Bayliss

Q4) Tarran Mackenzie

Q5) Jake Dixon, 2016

Q6) Neil Hodgson

Q7) Steve Plater, 2003

Q8) Rispoli, Winfield, Hopkins. 2016. Knockhill 

Q9) Josh Hook 

Q10) 2003


Photo Credits: Impact Images Photography 




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