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£101,000 donated to Air Ambulances UK by Jude Morris Racing Foundation

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Jude’s mum and Dad, Lucy and Mark, hand the huge donation to Emma Carter of Air Ambulances UK, and Dorset & Somerset pilot Mario Carretta


£101,000 has been donated by the Jude Morris Racing Foundation to Air Ambulances UK in order to help save lives across the country.

Motocross racer Jude Morris sadly lost his life at age 17 while competing in the British Championship at Duns in Scotland on 28 August 2021. Steve McCauley, race director and Chairman of the ACU Motocross Committee said at the time that Jude was “an extremely talented young lad, he was one of the most dedicated and hard-working young riders I have ever had the pleasure to meet.”

The Jude Morris Racing Foundation was set up by the Morris family along with a group of trustees to help aspiring 8-18 year-old racers, and to raise money for Air Ambulances UK. The foundation aims to support riders while bringing an improved level of professionalism into youth Motocross, in turn encouraging a more professional level of rider and raising the level of the sport, helping it to become a serious sporting choice.

When handing the cheque to Air Ambulances UK, Jude’s dad, Mark Morris, said: “This is a very proud day for us. It’s a significant number and a target we were keen to reach. Thank you to everyone that has supported us and continue to support us. Seeing the JMR101 all around the paddock has been heart-warming and knowing that despite a tragic accident we can create a positive legacy for Jude, who is in our thoughts every minute of every day.”

Emma Carter, Head of Income Generation at Air Ambulances UK, said: “To reach £101,000 raised in celebration of Jude’s life is a significant milestone, not only is it an astounding amount raised but 101 is also Jude’s racing number, making it all the more special.”

Air Ambulances UK has furthermore created a Jude Morris Innovation and Development Fund, through which it supports projects that ‘contribute to saving lives, improving patient outcomes and improving service provision through innovative clinical and operational developments’ with investment of up to £10,000 per successful application.


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Jude Morris raced under the number 101. Donating £101,000 to Air Ambulance UK was a fitting tribute


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