MSV Trackdays crack down on rule-breaking riders

MSV Trackdays crack down rule-breaking riders_01


MSV Trackdays has announced it is introducing a system that will keep a record of warnings issued to riders displaying 'poor etiquette' during its days, adding it is prepared to ban those who repeatedly offend.

The UK's largest trackday operator with a venue portfolio that includes Brands Hatch, Oulton Park, Snetterton, Cadwell Park, Donington Park and Bedford Autodrome, MSV Trackdays is a hugely popular choice for those looking to get out on a racetrack.

However, its popularity has brought into focus the negative impact of riders displaying poor or dangerous on track conduct, with MSVT citing offences that include ‘close, aggressive or dangerous overtaking, rider contact, overtaking under a red or yellow flag and showing aggression towards other customers and staff' as among the offences covered by its new penalty system.

While MSVT maintains the percentage of offending riders is very low, from next year it will monitor rider conduct on all circuits closely and keep a record of those judged to have misbehaved.

These riders will receive a ‘yellow card' in the pitlane or paddock, but if they continue to flout the rules, they will receive a second yellow card, which is considered a red card offence.

A red card - which can also be handed out for a particular bad singular offence - will result in a six month ban from all MSVT events, while a second red card will trigger a 12-month ban. A third red card means a lifelong ban.

"We wanted a mechanism that would help identify the low percentage of riders that were being spoken too on more than the odd occasion, but never went beyond a warning on any given day," MSV Trackdays Manager Mark Rusted told BikeSocial.

"This measure isn't critical but we think is a good step to help improve standards on our days and it has been very warmly received. 

"Now warnings are tracked. We keep a record centrally for every rider that has been issued a warning (not just issued a black flag) on MSVT dates across the MSV group of circuits. A verbal warning is classed as a yellow card.

"Being sent home on a day is a red card. Warnings have a cumulative effect, so if we see a customer has had a yellow card on two separate dates (two verbal warnings) this will be counted as a red.

"Once the customer has the equivalent of two reds they will receive a 6 month ban. Another red is a 12-month ban. Another red after a 12-month ban is a lifelong ban. Naturally something particularly bad can still short cut any of these steps as it does now."

Rustad goes on to explain that the new format is designed to deter repeat offenders from taking advantage of getting a ‘clean slate' at the end of a trackday, only to demonstrate poor riding standards at another down the line.

"A small percentage of riders would push their luck until that final warning was issued and then adjust their riding for the remainder of the day.

"The slate would then essentially be wiped clean and then repeated on the next day. It isn't common but it does happen."