Updates coming to BMW S1000RR for 2023

Updates coming to BMW S1000RR for 2023_01

The current S1000RR (above) has been around since 2019 and will get updates for 2023


It’s hard to believe that it’s nearly 15 years since BMW took its first step into the four-cylinder superbike arena by unveiling the S1000RR and even the current version – complete with its unique-in-class ShiftCam variable valve timing and lift system – is nearly four years old. Those dates mean it should come as no surprise that there’s an update in the works and a revised version of the S1000RR is expected to be unveiled in the next couple of months.

While there’s no official word from BMW about the bike, we’ve had sight of documents that show some of the changes we can expect from the machine, including an increase in power and chassis alterations that take their cue from the higher-spec M1000RR homologation machine.


Updates coming to BMW S1000RR for 2023_02

Tweaks to ShiftCam four-cylinder engine will add 2.5hp to next year’s bike


Engine-wise, the 2023 S1000RR’s ShiftCam four-cylinder is essentially similar to the current model’s, but there are tweaks to boost power a fraction. At the moment, the standard S1000RR makes 204bhp (152kW, or 207PS), while the M1000RR has 209hp (156kW, 212PS). For 2023, the base model will split the difference between them, gaining 2.5hp (2kW) for a total of 206.5bhp (154kW, 209.4PS). It achieves the extra top end performance by shifting its power peak higher in the rev range, up from 13,500rpm to 13,750rpm – although that’s still some way short of the 14,500rpm peak of the M1000RR version.

Although we’ve yet to see images of the 2023 bike, it doesn’t seem that there will be a lot of visual changes. Type-approved components including the exhaust are remaining unaltered, and the overall dimensions of length, width and height are the same as the 2022 model, suggesting the bodywork isn’t getting any major revisions. We could imagine the M1000RR’s winglets – claimed to give up to 16.3kg of downforce – will migrate to the base model, though.


Updates coming to BMW S1000RR for 2023_03

The M1000RR’s winglets could make an appearance on the standard S1000RR next year


One element of the M1000RR (below) that is definitely heading for the standard S1000RR is its extended wheelbase. While the current S1000RR clocks in at 1441mm, the M1000RR has a longer chain and revised sprockets – with a larger rear sprocket to improve acceleration – which results in the rear wheel being 16mm further back for a 1457mm wheelbase. Identical changes are expected on the 2023 S1000RR, which has the same wheelbase as the M1000RR and, despite its additional power, a fractionally lower top speed than the current S1000RR, dropping from 190mph to 188mph thanks to the shorter final drive ratio.

There’s no change to the bike’s weight, which remains an impressive 197kg wet, and at the moment it’s unknown whether the additional power of the 2023 model will be matched by upgrades to the suspension and brakes.


Updates coming to BMW S1000RR for 2023_04