Yamaha XMAX range renewed for 2023

2023 Yamaha XMax Range updated_01


One step down from the TMAX in Yamaha scooter range, the XMAX range has proved a runaway hit for the firm with more than 450,000 sold in Europe since the model was introduced in 2006. For 2023 there’s a new four-model range of 125cc and 300cc XMAX machines to continue that trend.


2023 Yamaha XMax Range updated_02


The larger XMAX 300 – offered as the base model or the higher-spec XMAX 300 Tech MAX – is a substantial evolution of the previous version. The styling is sharper for 2023, adopting the same general look with two reverse-raked headlights between forward-jutting side panels that give the bike a Predator-like face. On the new model, the edges a crisper and the lights more hooded, giving an even angrier scowl.

Those headlights also gain additional lower sections to create an X-shaped pattern when seen head-on, and the indicators are shifted from the side panels to the ear-like protrusions beside the screen.

Under the skin, the XMAX 300 remains similar to its predecessor, with a 27.6bhp, 292cc single-cylinder engine driving through the usual constantly-variable, twist-and-go transmission, all mounted as part of the rear swingarm. It’s bolted to a simple frame with telescopic forks at the front and two rear shocks, with the whole bike coming in at 183kg wet.


2023 Yamaha XMax Range updated_03


The XMAX 300 Tech MAX gains its name thanks to additional tech including a 4.2in colour TFT dashboard that sits below a separate, 3.2in LCD speedometer. Smartphone-connected, via the Yamaha MyRide app, the new dash gives access to messages, email and notifications and can be used to view and control music and other phone functions. It’s also compatible with the Garmin StreetCross phone app, giving map navigation on the colour screen with zoom controlled by bar-mounted buttons and showing details of speed limits, air temperature, distance remaining and ETA. It also warns of hazards including sharp corners before you reach them.

The Tech MAX also gets a new seat, with a leather-effect covering and a revised shape was well as gold-coloured stitching, plus aluminium footplates and mirror stems.

The base XMAX 300 misses out on the colour TFT but uses a new 4.3in LCD instrument pack that also has smartphone connectivity via MyRide, which gives it info on incoming calls and messages as well as transmitting info about the bike to the phone, including parking location, fuel consumption, battery status and details of trips.


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Changes to the smaller XMAX 125 and XMAX 125 Tech MAX essentially mirror those made to the larger-engined bikes. The 125cc models look the same but use a 12bhp single that fits L-plate rules to allow the bikes to be ridden with only a provisional licence and a CBT.

As on the 300 versions, the XMAX 125 Tech MAX gets the new 4.2in colour TFT dash allied to a 3.2in LCD speedo and all the same smartphone connectivity and the ability to use the Garmin navigation app. It also has the same upgraded seat and styling. The base XMAX 125 uses the simpler 4.3in LCD dash with the same, more limited phone connectivity as on the XMAX 300.

Prices are expected to be announced soon, and there’s already a configurator on Yamaha’s website showing the options and colours available for each of the 2023 XMAX models.


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