BikeSocial (and so you, probably) joins the National Motorcyclists Council

BikeSocial Joins the NMC_01


BikeSocial has joined the National Motorcyclists Council (NMC). The council is a coalition of organisations that represent motorcyclists and work together on issues to help influence and change Government policy. The NMC’s members include the ACU, BMF, IAM, Trail Riders Fellowship, National Motorcycle Dealers Association and the Vintage Motorcycle Club.

Having drawn together the UK’s largest coalition of UK motorcyclists' organisations, the NMC is making impact on the politics of motorcycling and is active on a wide range of issues which affect riders. It has significant connections in government, Parliament and among a wide range of other organisations. With an optimistic and forward-looking view about the future of motorcycling, plus its work to protect the rights of riders of current and historic machines and the trade that supports them, it is making a real impact on the political debate as it relates to motorcycling.

As the UK’s biggest bike club BikeSocial brings 100,000 members into the NMC to add their voice and influence to the debate. BikeSocial Publisher Steve Rose said, "BikeSocial is already heavily involved in consumer matters in motorcycling, educating riders on CE standards in riding kit and challenging traders who break the law. We’ve been wanting to add our members’ voices to bigger and broader matters affecting motorcycling and joining the NMC is the ideal way to bring our members’ thoughts and expertise into the debate."

Craig Carey-Clinch of the NMC said, "It’s terrific that BikeSocial has joined the NMC. BikeSocial is a very significant commentator on matters which affect ordinary motorcyclists and through it’s very strong membership base brings further authority and rider led opinion to the NMC’s work to support its members. The NMC’s membership warmly welcomes BikeSocial to the growing partnership of motorcycling groups and organisations who support motorcycling."

How will BikeSocial members be able to play a part? Right now we’re not sure but Plan A is that we keep you all informed of the key things happening that might impact how we ride and ask for your help to influence the decision makers when the time is right. BikeSocial doesn’t anticipate our members gluing themselves to anything in particular or breaking any laws. But we do think there’s an opportunity to use our strength of numbers to bring strong support to the NMC as it goes into meetings to lobby for riders’ rights.

Watch this space for details of where we can all make a difference.