Electric Kymco SuperNEX and RevoNEX get wackier restyle ahead of launch

Electric Kymco SuperNEX and RevoNEX_01


It’s not often you see a motorcycle getting a more daring glow up after its concept preview, but it appears Kymco isn’t holding back in its efforts to turn heads with its forthcoming Kymco SuperNEX electric sportsbike and Kymco RevoNEX electric naked.

Indeed, while the standard practice is for a concept to wow audiences with showstopping looks and futuristic - albeit usually impractical - gizmos and gadgets before toning things right down before they hit the showrooms, Kymco appears to have gone the other way with its mid-size duo.

Officially speaking, the SuperNEX and RevoNEX are still concept models but have shed their handsome, if conventional, attire and stepped into something a little more daring.

Demonstrating perhaps the most overt solution yet towards shrouding that hefty battery pack, the SuperNEX electric sportsbike features a honeycomb mesh pattern fairing that wraps around the side of the motorcycle and pinches before the seat to act as a knee-guard.

Together with its sharply-styled aggressive nose, though the unusual appearance is certainly quirky, it’s defnitely a novel way to avoid a slab-sided look dictated by some of the more unsightly components.

If anything, the RevoNEX electric naked is even wilder, with the same design looking more ostentatious when decked out in the white and fluorescent yellow hues of the display model.

If the looks have received an overhaul, then things under the skin have remained relatively unchanged… and this is where the models’ party pieces come in.

Indeed, Kymco has persevered with the objective of providing a conventional riding experience by developing a six-speed transmission - despite electric vehicles not needing one - while it has been working on mimicking traditional motorcycles by piping the sound of an ICE.

Gimmicky though it may be, the plan is for Kymco to develop different convincing sounds to suit the rider.



When will the Kymco RevoNEX and SuperNEX go on sale?

It has been a long gestation period for the SuperNEX and RevoNEX having first been unveiled as concept models in 2018 and 2019 respectively, and for now there is no word yet on exactly when they go on sale.

Not that Kymco - which specialises in scooters - has been idling for the past three years as it prepares to break into the full-size motorcycle market for the first time in Europe.

It has penned a big tie-up with LiveWire, a move that could see the two firms sharing platforms for future electric models, while Kymco has previously indicated a desire to set up a production facility in Italy to build the SuperNEX and RevoNEX.

In addition, Kymco has also come together with MV Agusta to lend its know-how to the Italian firm’s new electric scooter, the MV Agusta Ampelio.