Triumph buys electric bike brand OSET

Triumph takes over OSET childrens electric bike brand_thumb


Triumph Motorcycles has announced it has purchased OSET Bikes, one of the world’s most popular builders of children’s electric trials and off-road motorcycles.

The British marque is currently gearing up for the official launch of its inaugural Motocross and Enduro range - which will run alongside an international motorsport programme - and sees OSET as a complement to its expanded off-road portfolio.

Founded in 2004 by Ian Smith, who built an electric off-road bike for his son Oliver, OSET has since expanded to a global audience to sell more than 40,000 electric bikes.

The deal would also allow Triumph another stream from which to develop its electric powertrains, the first of which recently debuted in the Triumph Project TE-1 sportsbike built in collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering.

OSET Bikes currently offers a range suitable for any rider from the age of three-years old and upwards.

"We are excited about the opportunity of joining forces with OSET Bikes: a dynamic brand that has been encouraging children into motorcycling for many years and have been at the forefront of developing electric trials bikes for fun and competition," said Triumph CEO Nick Bloor.

"Whilst the two brands will continue working independently, Triumph and OSET will collaborate on new state-of-the-art products to inspire young riders into off-road riding, across the segments that Triumph and OSET will have a presence in, drawing on their respective strengths to build the best bikes in the world.

"When we built that first ‘garage’ bike for my son, Oliver, I had no idea that it would lead to this moment," added OSET Bikes CEO Ian Smith. "We are all very excited for what the future holds for OSET as part of the Triumph family.

"The OSET brand will remain as OSET and will continue to serve the trials and off-road motorcycling community.  We are now better positioned to develop and innovate across our range, while enjoying the security of scale and market position Triumph can offer OSET."