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MV Agusta F3 RR launch imminent

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MV Agusta F3 RR launch imminent | News | Bennetts Bike


Last week saw the unveiling of the entry-level ‘Rosso’ version of MV Agusta’s updated, Euro5-compliant F3 sports bike – and soon it will be joined by an uprated RR model.

Type-approval documents filed in Australia show how the 2021 F3 range is aligned, listing the newly-launched F3 Rosso, the existing Euro5-compliant Superveloce – which is technically close enough to the F3 to be approved alongside it – and an as-yet-unlaunched ‘F3 RR’.

The name shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, the Brutale and Dragster 800 ranges both feature entry-level ‘Rosso’ and higher-spec ‘RR’ versions, but in the past the F3 has taken a different route, with the race-replica ‘RC’ sitting above a base ‘F3’ variant.


MV Agusta F3 Rosso News_01


The Aussie document includes a few key details of the F3 RR including its peak power, weight, capacity, wheelbase and even the tyre sizes. And on every single point it’s identical to the entry-level Rosso version.

Power remains at 147hp, peaking at 13,000rpm, exactly as it does on the Rosso and the Superveloce, showing that there’s no change to the Euro5-compliant, 798cc triple to warrant the ‘RR’ branding. That sets the F3 aside from the Brutale and Dragster, which both offer more performance in RR form than the entry-level Rosso versions manage.

Weight is listed at 188kg for the F3 Rosso, F3 RR and Superveloce on the Australian documents. That’s a realistic, ‘wet’ figure rather than the 173kg ‘dry’ weight figure that MV claims for both the F3 Rosso and Superveloce, as well as last year’s Euro 4-spec F3 RC. Wheelbase of the RR is the same 1380mm as the other models, showing there’s no significant geometry changes, either, and the tyres are the same 180/55-17 rear, 120/70-17 front combo.



The RR is sure to get the same updates as F3 Rosso, with a stiffer chassis than last year, new electronics, a TFT dash and a switch from Bosch to Continental for the traction control and ABS systems. The new, pointy-looking trio of exhaust outlets are also likely to be adopted, as the whole exhaust system will probably be carried over from the Rosso and Superveloce to ensure the same emissions performance.

However, it’s not clear how the bike will be distinguished from the cheaper Rosso version. Different paintwork is a certainty, with two-tone or race-replica schemes likely, and there may be improved suspension and braking components to earn the RR title.

Given the recent reveal of the Rosso, the RR’s unveiling isn’t likely to be far off, so we should find out soon enough.


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