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BikeSocial: LIVE! Episode 2 – Riding Skills

BikeSocial Web Editor. Content man - reviewer, road tester, video presenter, interviewer, commissioner, organiser. First ride was a 1979 Honda ST70 in the back garden aged 6. Not too shabby on track, loves a sportsbike, worries about helmet hair, occasionally plays golf and squash but enjoys being a father to a 6-year old the most.



BikeSocial: LIVE! Episode 2 – Riding Skills


BikeSocial: LIVE! Episode 2 'Riding Skills - Get Better From Your Sofa' in association with Suzuki

We’re back with the second episode of BikeSocial: LIVE! and this time we’re broadcasting live on our YouTube channel at 18:30, Thursday 25th March 2021 with an interactive chat all about ‘Getting Back On Your Bike’ after lockdown, because there’s no harm in admitting we’re all a little bit rusty.

As part of a themed week of content across our social media channels, we’re offering advice and tips to digest before you get back out on your bike. With the lifting of some lockdown measures from Monday 29th March, no longer does the Government’s advice read ‘Stay At Home’ but it switches to ‘Stay Local’ thus allowing us out on our motorbikes once again. For some, whether through injury, lockdown, winter or finances you might not have ridden for five or six months, maybe longer. And just like practicing a musical instrument or a sport, you don’t necessarily forget the basics but when covering your first miles on a bike after a while you do need to be focused, sharp and in control.

Joining BikeSocial’s Web Editor, Michael Mann, is one of Rapid Training’s most experienced coaches, Clive Shepherd, who has 30 years of advanced driving and riding training with the Thames Valley Police force behind him. Alongside Clive and Michael will be professional motorcycle journalist, Simon Hargreaves, who’s covered hundreds of thousands of miles on all sorts of machines over the last 30 years. An analytical rider who understands the principles of motorcycling and he has plenty to say on the matter!

The panel will be discussing a range of topics from preparing your mental state, your bike and your focus, as well as looking at new hazards and standards of other road users that might not have been there when you last rode.

Because the broadcast will be live, you’re more than welcome to send in your questions on the chat bar in YouTube or via email to

So get 18:30, Thursday 25th March 2021 in your diary or head to our BennettsBike YouTube channel to subscribe to not only keep up to date with this live stream but also access hundreds of reviews, features and advice videos from the BikeSocial team.


Join us LIVE for episode 2 of BikeSocial: LIVE!

Are you ready for a post-lockdown ride? Getting back on your motorbike isn't as simple as it might seem after months of not doing it in terms of prepping your bike and yourself. We're all a little bit rusty! Michael Mann, Simon Hargreaves and Clive Shepherd discuss the tips, tactics and techniques in prepping yourself physically and mentally.

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