Government slashes electric bike grants

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Despite the ever-increasing calls to reduce carbon emissions, the recent COP26 summit and a growing focus on replacing fossil fuelled vehicles with electric equivalents the Government has slashed the grants on electric motorcycles to a fraction of their previous maximum and excluded many of the best machines from the scheme altogether.

Until now, buyers of approved electric bikes (with a range of at least 31 miles/50km) and mopeds (with a range of at least 19 miles/30km) could claim a grant for 20% of their purchase price, up to a maximum of £1500. That meant getting the maximum grant level on any electric bike over £7500, which covers most of the major players outside the realm of low-performance scooters.

However, under new rules announced today (15 December 2021), the maximum that can be claimed is slashed to only £500 for motorcycles with a range of at least 31 miles and a mere £150 for shorter-range mopeds with a range between 19 miles and 30 miles.

The deal is dressed up as a boost in the grant, as under the new rules the Government foots up to 35% of the purchase price rather than the previous 20%, but the maximum grant levels are set so much lower that a large number of buyers will lose out.

What’s more, the grant will now only be available on electric bikes with an RRP of less than £10,000, which means a number of the best-known vehicles, including the likes of the Zero SR/F, BMW CE 04 and LiveWire One will be excluded altogether for being too expensive.


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The list of motorcycles that will be eligible for grants up to the new £500 maximum is as follows:

  • Artisan ES1-Pro
  • Artisan EV0 Monster
  • Artisan JS2A
  • Askoll eS3
  • Askoll eSpro 70
  • Askoll NGS3
  • Cake Kalk Ink&
  • E-Max VS-1
  • Eccity 125
  • Eccity 125+
  • EcoNeco Revival
  • Ecooter E1R
  • Ecooter E2
  • Evoke Urban Classic
  • Evoke Urban S
  • Horwin CR6
  • Horwin CR6 Pro
  • Horwin EK3
  • Lexmoto LX06
  • Lexmoto LX08
  • NIU NQi GT Pro Cargo
  • NIU NQi GTS Pro
  • NIU NQi GTS Sport
  • Piaggio One
  • Rieju NUUK
  • SEAT MO e-Scooter
  • Silence S01
  • Sunra Miku Super
  • Sunra Robo-S
  • THELMOCO Ultra
  • Torrot Muvi
  • Vespa Elettrica
  • Vmoto 100
  • Vmoto 120
  • Vmoto Super Soco CPX
  • Vmoto Super Soco TC Max
  • Voge ER10 Euro 5
  • Yadea G5S
  • Zride Puma
  • Zride Tiger X


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Eligible electric mopeds, with a grant up to £150 are:

  • Artisan EV2000
  • Artisan P2 Utility
  • Askoll eS1
  • Askoll eS2
  • Askoll eSpro 45
  • Askoll NGS1
  • Askoll NGS2
  • Bilis LX04
  • Bloova Delivery
  • Bloova Retro
  • Cake Osa +
  • Cake Osa Flex
  • E-Max VS-1
  • E-Max VS-2
  • Ecooter E1S
  • Horwin EK1
  • Kollter ES1
  • Lexmoto Cypher
  • Lexmoto Impulse
  • NIU M-Series
  • NIU M+
  • NIU N-Cargo
  • NIU N-Series
  • NIU NQi Pro
  • NIU U-Series
  • NIU UQi GT Pro
  • Peugeot e-Ludix
  • Piaggio One
  • Rieju NUUK
  • Sunra Miku Max
  • Sunra Robo
  • Sunra Ronic
  • Surron Light Bee
  • THELMOCO Senda
  • Torrot Muvi City
  • UBCO 2x2 ADV
  • UGBEST e-City
  • Vespa Elettrica
  • Vmoto Super Soco CUX
  • Vmoto Super Soco TC
  • Vmoto Super Soco TS1200R
  • Vmoto Super Soco TSX
  • Yadea C1S (Euro 5)
  • Yadea G5
  • Yadea G5 (Euro 5)
  • Yadea S-Like
  • Yadea S-Like (Euro 5)


Tony Campbell, CEO of the Motorcycle Industry Association, said: “It is with great disappointment the Government has today decided to drastically cut the level of support for moped and motorbikes, typically emitting zero or low-emissions. Today’s announcement comes as a hammer blow to consumers and businesses up and down the country who were, and are fully behind the drive to zero-emission vehicles and a net-zero future. MCIA will continue working on behalf of its members with Government, to ensure the right incentives are in place to ensure the full realisation of or sector’s many benefits.”