Pandemic fallout hits Yamaha supplies



Yamaha has said that a combination of problems including the long-term effects of the coronavirus pandemic are impact its supply chain and the ability to get products to customers.

As well as the pandemic, which has led to sporadic productivity problems when lockdowns have led to factory closures and supply chain interruptions, the firm is suffering from the effects of issues including the global shortage of semiconductors. Shipping delays caused by the blockage of the Suez Canal are also an issue, not least because the container ship stuck in the canal – the Ever Given –­ was transporting thousands of Yamahas as part of its cargo.

In a speech broadcast on YouTube, Yamaha Europe President and CEO Eric de Seynes explained:

“Having endured a difficult 2020 year, we thought that the most complicated part of the Coronavirus pandemic was now behind us, both from a public health perspective and that of business.

“The initial outlook for 2021 was and is remaining positive. Demand has been recovering strongly since last summer, supported by a strong and committed dealer network, with many new products expected to be delivered.

“Unfortunately, this is not really the case now that we are getting into 2021 season, as the long-term effects of the Coronavirus pandemic on the supply chain are becoming clear, and these effects are making it difficult to fulfil our key duty of making enough products available to you through our extensive dealer network.”

Going into more detail about the problems, he said: “For the last ten months, the availability of raw materials has become an issue in many areas, such as the semi-conductors required in the manufacturing of our smart keys, ABS braking system, ECU, etc. Shipping goods overseas was also problematical due to the very high demand for many categories of manufactured products, but these issues have been made bigger right at the start of the season by the unexpected crisis in the Suez Canal, involving the container ship the “Ever Given”, which was transporting several thousands of Yamaha products and components.”

The company is, of course, working to resolve the problems, and de Seynes said: “The situation will improve in the coming days, weeks and months. Your patience is appreciated, and we are confident that this patience will be rewarded with the great experience your new bike, scooter, outboard engine, WaveRunner or any other Yamaha product you have chosen will offer to you.

“In the meantime, while everyone here at Yamaha is working hard to resolve all of the problems created by the pandemic, and also to increase rapidly the number of our total deliveries, we understand that the wait for products to be delivered can be frustrating, and for that we are very sorry. Therefore, we sincerely hope you will accept our apology for any delay.”


Video Message of President & CEO Yamaha Motor Europe N.V., Mr. Eric de Seynes

A message from Mr. Eric de Seynes, President & CEO of Yamaha Motor Europe N.V., who addresses the current situation related to supply chain issues and the impact on delivery of products.