Yamaha reveals new Tracer 7 GT for 2021

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For 2021 the Yamaha Tracer 700 is getting renamed as the Tracer 7 and a new model – the Tracer 7 GT – is joining the line-up.

Given that the latest iteration of the Tracer 700 was only unveiled a year ago, and was the first Yamaha using the firm’s 689cc twin to meet Euro 5 emissions limits in the process, it’s no surprise that the basic version of the bike doesn’t get any 2021 changes beyond the new name. Its ‘Tracer 7’ title reflects a similar rebranding for the all-new Tracer 9 that replaces the Tracer 900 for 2021. However, there hasn’t been a ‘GT’ version of the smaller Tracer before.


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Unsurprisingly, the main parts of the Tracer 7 GT are unchanged compared to the existing Tracer 700. It’s got the same MT-07-based chassis and the latest Euro5-certified version of the ‘CP2’ engine, which makes 72.4bhp at 8750rpm and 49.4lbft at 6500rpm. However, a selection of touring-oriented updates makes the GT more attractive for longer trips.

The most obvious change is the luggage; an option for the base Tracer 7 that’s standard on the GT model. Each side case has a 20 litre capacity and colour-matched lid, and if bought as an aftermarket accessory would cost more than £800 for the pair.

The Tracer 7 GT also gets a taller, wider, ‘touring’ screen that would normally set you back £142.70, and a ‘comfort’ seat that would be £162 if bought separately. The screen is 92mm wider and 70mm taller than the stock design, claiming to reduce noise and buffeting, and has a distinctive look with winglet-style extensions where it meets the nose fairing.

Similarly, the seat is a design that’s already available as an option, featuring a variety of different foam densities in different parts to improve comfort and with a dual-material covering, contrasting stitching and embossed ‘Tracer’ logo to give a more upmarket look than the stock design.


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2021 Yamaha Tracer GT prices

Yamaha will be offering the Tracer 7 GT in three colour schemes – red, ‘Tech Kamo’(above) or ‘Icon Grey’ (grey and black with blue wheels) – in 2021, and the new model is expected to reach dealers in February. At the moment, the firm hasn’t set its 2021 model prices but the current Tracer 700 costs £7947 in base form and if you were to spec a bike with the GT’s seat, screen and panniers, along with the fitting kits needed to attach them, it adds up to £9893.40.


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