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Yamaha launches Ténéré 700 accessory packs

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Yamaha launches Ténéré 700 accessory packs | BikeSocial


Yamaha has developed a pair of accessory packs for the new Ténéré 700 to encourage buyers to tailor the bike to their own liking.

There’s no question that after more than two years of teasing the Ténéré 700 is the most eagerly anticipated new Yamaha of 2019, and all indications are that it’s going to live up to expectations. But adventure bike buyers are usually keen to delve deep into the accessories catalogue, and the new Yamaha add-on packs are ready to cater to that desire.

The ‘Explorer’ pack pictured above is, as its name suggests, intended to boost the Ténéré’s long-distance touring credentials. It adds a pair of panniers – aluminium, of course, to suit the adventure bike style – giving 72 litres of luggage space, as well as a main stand to aid with maintenance. To cope with the rigours of adventure travel, the Explorer pack adds a 33% thicker bash plate that covers more of the engine than the stock part. Hefty crash bars are also added to protect the bodywork, while a removable rack is included to convert the pillion seat into additional luggage space.

The ‘Rally’ pack, below, is a far sportier proposition, emphasising the Ténéré’s historic roots in long-distance rally raids. It includes a higher, flatter seat to give more of a motocross-style riding position, along with an Akrapovic slip-on to boost performance and add a sportier note. A chain guard and guide are added along with a radiator protector, plus a new licence plate bracket and LED indicators.

Both packs are set to be available in September, at the same time as the Ténéré 700 reaches dealers.

In the meantime, Yamaha is running a ‘Demo Tour’ for the Ténéré 700 through June and July, with bikes travelling around Europe and visiting dealers to allow customers to test ride the Ténéré, including versions with both accessory packs, before it’s available in dealers.

Yamaha is currently taking reservations for the first batch of bikes, costing £8399, via their website 

Look out for our full review of the 2019 Yamaha Ténéré 700, coming soon.


Yamaha launches Tenere 700 accessory packs

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