New DVSA videos aim to increase motorcycle awareness

New DVSA videos aim to increase motorcycle awareness


The DVSA has launched the first of a series of CGI videos created specifically to show leaner drivers how hard it can be to spot motorcycles.

We’re all familiar with the idea of SMIDSY (sorry made, I didn’t see you) accident, and even if you’ve never had one you’ll probably have had the occasionally near miss when a driver pulls out without even registering you’re there. There’s no question that drivers are mentally programmed to look out for car-shaped and car-sized objects and often fail to look out for bikes.

Although the videos will not be part of the theory test, the DVSA is encouraging drivers to see them.

They’ve been created with the help of road safety campaigner Ria Brisland. Her son, Nick, died in a collision with a car in 2015. She said: “Getting everyone to be aware of their fellow road users at all times is essential if we are to prevent collisions and the devastating consequences they can have on families.

“These new clips are thought-provoking and will make a difference to the way people look for bikers. They may prove the difference between life and death.”

The DVSA has introduced the videos while repeating statistics that show motorcyclists make up 19% of road fatalities in the UK despite accounting for just 1% of road users. In 2017, 2656 riders were involved in accidents that were the result of another road using failing to look properly – that’s 17% of all accidents involving bikes.

Watch the first of the new videos here.

Michael Ellis, Road Safety Minister, said: “Britain’s roads are among the safest in the world, but still far too many vulnerable people are involved in fatal and serious injury collisions each year.

“After reading Ria’s story and her concerns for fellow bikers, I was determined to help her and I am delighted that these clips will now be seen by millions of learners, helping improve road safety.”