Limited-edition $105k Curtiss Warhawk revealed!

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Stop the press!

Curtiss might have teased the date 5th May 2018 for the release of the Warhawk but the firm has just unveiled the bike in full.

It turns out that it is the S&S-powered, petrol-engined model that bears the Curtiss badge, so the Hercules, Starfire and Zeus are likely to be the electric machines.

The Warhawk is basically the same as the last of the Confederates, the FA-13 Combat Bomber, but with some minor differences in componentry and finish. As you’d expect, it’s a fairly astounding-looking bike. Notable changes include a surprisingly all-enveloping front fender and the CNC-machined finish to the frame components including the exotic-looking Hossack-style front suspension. The full specs are below.


Limited-edition $105k Curtiss Warhawk revealed!

 Want one? Be quick as there will only be 35 made. And be rich, too, as each one will cost $105,000 USD…


Curtiss Warhawk Specification



Type: Air/oil-cooled triple-camshaft ohv pushrod dry-sump 56.25º v-twin

Four-stroke, with one-piece forged crankshaft, two valves per cylinder, toothed belt camshaft drive, and machined 6061-t6 aluminium billet crankcases.

Dimensions: 111.76 x 111.76 mm (4.40 x 4.40 in.)

Capacity: 2,163cc (132 cubic inch)

Output: 150 bhp at 5,100 rpm (at rear wheel)

Max torque: 217nm/160ft-lb at 2,000 rpm.

Compression ratio: 10.3:1

Fuel/ignition system: Closed-loop delphi electronic fuel injection and engine management system, with single injector per cylinder, and 2 x 51mm S&S throttle body.

Transmission: 5-speed Curtiss stacked gearbox with Andrews gears, 45mm/1.75in belt primary drive, and hydraulically operated Bandit multiplate dry clutch.

Chassis: Machined modular 6061-t6 aluminium monocoque, with 7.0in diameter backbone containing fuel load, presented in raw aluminium finish.



Front: Double-wishbone parallelogram fork with tubular aluminium struts and direct-action, race-proven Racetech monoshock, fully-adjustable for high and low speed compression and rebound damping, and offering 114mm/4.35inwheel travel.

Rear: Fabricated aluminium swingarm with cantilever Racetech monoshock offering two-speed compression and rebound damping, and 140mm/5.50in wheel travel.


Limited-edition $105k Curtiss Warhawk revealed!



  • Head angle/trail: 27.5 degrees/106mm
  • Wheelbase: 1,588mm/62.5 in.
  • Weight/distribution: 570lb with oil + 3.75 us gallon of fuel, with 48/52% distribution
  • Seat height: 724mm/29.5 in.
  • Fuel capacity: 3.75 us gallons/16.25 litres



  • Front: 2 x 230 mm beringer floating Aeronal cast iron discs with four-piston Beringer radially-mounted Aerotec calipers.
  • Rear: 1 x 240 mm cross-drilled Aeronal stainless steel disc with two-piston Beringer caliper.


Wheels and tyres

  • Front: 160/70vr18 Michelin on 3.50 in. BST carbon wheel
  • Rear: 240/45vr18 Michelin on 8.50 in. BST carbon wheel



  • Top speed: 165mph+
  • 0-60 time: Quick enough!


Price and availability

  • $105,000 USD (limited to 35 examples)


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