Dainese Launch Retro Fashion Brand, ‘Settantadue’

Dainese Launch Retro Fashion Brand, ‘Settantadue’

Exclusive video of stunning new range with a hint of 70s styling


Italian purveyors of the finest motorcycle safety clothing with more than just a hint of fashion orientation, Dainese, have launched a new brand as part of their family, called ‘Settantadue’ - the Italian translation for ‘seventy-two’, representing the year in which Lino Dainese founded the company.

The new super sleek brand combines fashion, passion, beauty and heritage and includes a mixture of classic Italian styling with a bit of the old school plus modern performance and safety with removable Pro Armour and pockets for back protectors in the jacket range.



Speaking of which, the brand contains 14 jackets, eight t-shirts, a pair of leather trousers, a pair of jeans, two pairs of boots, three pairs of gloves and a handful of accessories with designs for both sexes and they are all more than just a nod to the 70s styling.

We caught up with Art Director, Renato Montagner, at the Dainese factory in Vicenza, Italy and he spoke about the influence and inspiration for the range as having “culture over strict heritage” but leaving the design down to a rather refreshing “no strategy, no discipline, it’s something that ‘just happens’”. The easiest way to describe the new brand that was two years in development is “a contemporary interpretation of iconic motorcycle clothing”, says Montagner. “The idea with this new brand is to step back to the roots of what is the heart of riding.”

The collection has been split into three different approaches; Architype, Speed Leather and Patina (a Latin term for ‘worn’ or ‘passing of time’). Mr Montagner explains:

  • “Architype is about style and about elegance. Giacomo Agostini, for example, was not only a rider but a legend, an icon too giving us inspiration – the Rapida jacket takes the graphics details in the arrows from one of his race suits.”


  • Speed Leather: “In this case, it’s inspired by the ‘toga’ (one of Dainese’s first racing leathers) – we create the new ‘Toga72’ with perforated leather with the old Dainese logo but with removable certified protection.”


  • Patina: “Art is something that really belongs to Dainese that’s why we worked on this jacket, which is all about the effect of ‘Patina’ - the colour on this jacket has different shades, for example. So, we worked in collaboration with an artist with the chequered flag design with the demon flower. Dainese style with elegance of the materials, that’s it”

He continued, “To create Dainese Settantadue, I spent weeks immersed in our immense archives searching for inspiration from the great stylistic collaborations of the past, from Yohji Yamamoto to Valextra”

Dainese CEO, Cristiano Silei, explained the idea behind the brand, “Heritage, beauty and contemporaneity are the three values in which the new brand is based.  In perfect harmony with our history and roots, it reinterprets technical garments to embrace an even larger audience”.



Even the stylish and historic typography of the Dainese logo harks back to the days of Lino Dainese’s small firm launched back in the early 1970’s with his first pair of leather trousers. The company has grown into a globally recognised and respected brand with expertise in not only protecting motorcyclists but cyclists, horse riders, skiers, sailors and now, workmen, thanks to the D-air vest.

  • T-shirts start at £39.95 while jackets are priced from £379.95 and the full range is available online at www.dainesesettantadue.com/