Dunlop extends their RoadSmart III tyre range to Scooters

Tyre giants, Dunlop, have released a new scooter tyre packed with innovative technology, aimed towards premium touring and sport scooter riders.

With over 27,000 scooters sold in the UK last year alone, its easy to why tyre manufactures are focusing their efforts in this sector. It's also why Dunlop have high hopes for their latest all-season scooter tyre.

The RoadSmart III SC is the newest addition to Dunlop’s acclaimed sport touring tyre range and inherits features never previously seen before in the scooter sector.

One of these new features includes Camber Thrust Technology, which has seen Dunlop refine the shape of the tyres sidewall. This essentially reduces the difference in camber between your front and rear tyre when cornering and should improve ease of turn-in.

The RoadSmart III SC will also debut the use of Jointless tread belt (JLB) construction, which will be the first time it has been used in a scooter rear tyre. This construction is claimed to maintain a more stable contact patch and should reduce distortion and excessive heat build-up when riding.

Dunlop’s European Product Manager, Dmitri Talboom, is confident scooter riders will be impressed with characteristics of the RoadSmart tyre; “By combining proven technologies such as the iGT tread and JLB with the latest Camber Thrust Tuning, we believe that we have the optimum choice for riders of more powerful and sporting scooters from manufacturers such as BMW, Kymco, Suzuki, SYM and Yamaha.”

Prices for the RoadSmart III SC tyres are yet confirmed, but it looks like they are already proving a hit with manufactures. Yamaha themselves have chosen to equip their 2017-model Tmax 530 DX with RoadSmart III SC tyres.

BikeSocial are certainly looking forward testing these tyres in the very near future and giving a real world review on the new tech.

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