Yamaha replace YBR125 with new YS125 for 2017

Sub-125cc motorcycles topped the sales charts in 2016 with more than 50,000 new bike registrations. Manufacturers are therefore having to constantly adapt and improve their product line up to stay ahead of the game and Yamaha are looking to bolster its position at the top of the charts by launching its latest 125cc commuter bike, the YS125.

The Yamaha YS125 is an A2 compliant motorcycle that is designed for and foremost as a method of urban transport. It is designed to meet Euro4 emission and safety targets and has linked front and rear brakes. The YS125 also boasts one of the largest capacity fuel tanks in the 125cc class at 14 litres and this gives the frugal single cam 2 valve engine a potential range of 180 miles – riding conservatively of course. The new bike takes the place of the YBR125 that Yamaha have sold in the UK since 2005.

2017 Yamaha YS125

The YS125’s predecessor, the YBR125, has been a bestseller for Yamaha hitting 55,000 sales in the UK since its release back in 2005. This means the factory has had to tread carefully when it comes to the new bikes design. The styling of the bike has been tweaked to bring it up to date with the rest of the Yamaha product line up without stepping on the toes of the more youthful MT-125.

The new bike has an upswept silencer that follows the style seen on the YZF-R125 and has cool air intakes mounted either side of the fuel tank. The new shape headlight and instrument binnacle look modern and sleek with an LCD display that can show the rider trip distance, odometer, gear selection and Eco-Indicator a system that advises the rider of the optimum engine speed for best fuel economy.

The engine puts out 11bhp making it learner legal for those on CBT and provisional yet user friendly enough to be used as a stepping stone for those moving up from 50cc. For those on a full UK licence the power output will probably make larger 400cc and 500cc options seem more attractive. The bike is competitively priced with an RRP of £2,999 and some UK dealers already offering deals lower than that, the YS125 looks set to continue the success of its older sibling when it goes on sale in April this year.

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