R1200GS changes headline BMW updates for 2017

For anyone who was expecting big exciting news in the world of the BMW R1200GS, this isn’t it. But, if you want some tweaks and new packages that make the world-renowned and much-loved R1200GS that bit more special, and now Euro4 friendly, then meet the R1200GS Exclusive and R1200GS Rallye packages.

To look at they’re pretty much the same as the standard R1200GS, but small details like the front mudguard, the air intake panels and new radiator and cooling ducts have been changed for 2017.

For 2017, the standard 125bhp Boxer twin motor receives a new catalytic converter and new ECU settings to make it achieve new stricter Euro4 emissions controls. As standard the bike now becomes available with Rain and Road modes as standard and Automatic Stability Control fitted. This was previously an option.

As an accessory, BMW now offers Riding Modes Pro which allows riders to select Dynamic, Dynamic Pro, Enduro or Enduro Pro as well as Dynamic Traction Control. Selecting that option also gives the R1200GS new hill start control and ABS Pro, for even greater safety under heavy braking, even when cornering.

Next generation electronic suspension features a self-levelling function to compensate for all loads, like when you have a pillion or luggage on board.

The Rallye kit features a cut-down screen, harder suspension, longer springs, and longer travel and comes in a new BMW Motorsport colour scheme with a blue frame and a black engine.

The Exclusive kit features metallic fuel tank side trim, a metallic black frame and gold brake calipers to give the bike an air of sophistication.



BMW’s massive six-cylinder super tourer gets a host of changes for 2017, including a new Euro 4 motor putting out the same 160bhp as its predecessor, sharper styling, optimised wind protection thanks to a new screen, a new riding position with bars further back, and electronic suspension as standard.

BMW F800R and BMW F800GT 

The BMW F800R and F800 GT get, yes, you guessed it, Euro4 friendly engines for 2017 along with a host of spec changes to bring the naked and small tourer in line with their rivals.

Ride-by-wire is a new feature on both bikes and helps bring the parallel twin motors inline with Euro 4 regulations. Still making 90bhp at 8000rpm, the 798cc motors receive new riding modes thanks to the ride-by-wire, with Rain and Road as standard and the ability to upgrade the settings to include Dynamic for sportier riding.