Date set for Guy Martin Wall of Death challenge

Author: Oli Rushby Posted: 17 Mar 2016

Guy Martin will take on the Wall of Death later this month

Lincolnshire’s Guy Martin will take on the largest Wall of Death ever made live on TV later this month.

The stunt has been in the planning for a while but suffered a set-back when Martin injured himself in a 130mph off at last year’s Ulster Grand Prix.

The Wall of Death is an epic stunt involving defying gravity to ride a motorcycle around a vertical wall at high speed.

Martin will attempt to take on the largest Wall of Death ever made in front of a live TV audience in a show for Channel 4 presented by Steve Jones.

The programme will also follow Guy’s training, which began over a year ago with his first rather clumsy attempts to ride a wall under the guidance of Britain’s finest Wall of Death rider, Ken Fox. Guy also learns about the science which makes both him and his bike stick to a vertical wall, from Cambridge University professor, Dr Hugh Hunt, and endures a punishing flight in a stunt plane with ex-fighter pilot, Mark Greenfield, where Guy gets to experience the massive G forces he’ll need to contend with.

The show will air Monday 28th March, 7:15pm on Channel 4.

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