Drift Innovation look to be king of the action camera market with the Ghost 4K.

Drift Ghost 4k

Over the past 10 years the use of action cameras, as personal items and professional tools, has gone stratospheric. You will struggle to turn on your TV and spot a programme that doesn’t involve one somewhere in its production, from live sports to nature documentaries, these tiny cameras are here to stay.  


The most common use of these cameras for us bikers is the helmet mounted camera that’s becoming a mainstay of motorcyclist’s attire. Be it as a method of recording your lap of the mountain course at the TT or as a safety net in the event of a prang, regardless of the purpose, users want the clearest quality picture and best features for the lowest price. This is where Drift step in with their most powerful camera to date.  

Drift Ghost 4k

The Ghost 4K is an ultra HD action camera that can shoot ultra HD video at 30fps (Frames Per Second) and up to 240fps if you select a lower quality resolution. If stills are your thing you can shoot in three resolutions from pro-quality 12mp (Mega Pixel) right down to 5mp depending on what your shooting and how much of the expandable 64GB memory you want to save! And when the days shooting is done you can forget about faffing around with wires, the Drift Ghost is equipped with Wi-Fi and a HDMI port. Once the filming is finished it can be plugged straight into your TV allowing you to watch your ride again in all it's glory.

The camera is complete with 2 microphones front and rear with the option to attach an external mic via a USB connector if a more professional finish to your audio is required and is equipped with clever in built video stabilisation system to smooth out the bumps. 

The Drift Ghost 4K should be available in January 2017 and is likely to cost around £270 making it £80 less than main rival Go-Pro’s Hero5. And after you have a look at the comparison table below, you will see the differences are few and far between.

For more information head to - https://driftinnovation.com/products/drift-ghost-4k

Drift Ghost 4k GoPro Hero5

Resolution / Frame Rate

 4k / 25fps 4k / 30fps
Photo Resolution  12mp 12mp 
Battery 1500 mAh 1220 mAh
Field of View 90°,115°,140° Wide Angle
Internal Memory Yes 4Gb No
External Memory 64Gb SD Card 32Gb SD Card
Wi-Fi Enabled Yes Yes
Output Method HDMI, AV, USB USB
Video Stabilisation Yes Yes 
Internal Microphone Yes x2  Yes
Timelapse Yes Yes 
Photo burst Yes Yes 
Price £270 £349.99