Government pledges £7.5 million to electric motorcycles

Author: Oli Rushby Posted: 27 Mar 2015

The government will commit £7.5 million to the electric bike industry

The Government has today announced that it will pledge £7.5 million to boost the electric motorcycle industry as part a drive towards greener vehicles.

The money will be set aside to increase interest in the electric motorcycle market and help bridge the cost gap between a zero emissions electric motorcycle and the more conventional petrol equivalents.

An example of the cost gap is shown with BMW’s ‘C’ series maxi scooters. The C Evolution electric model costs a whopping £13,500 whereas the petrol equivalent C 600 Sport comes in at a starting price some £4,000 cheaper. While this cost gap could be negated by introducing running costs to the equation, it’s still likely a buyer could be turned off by the initial expense.

The move, which see the Government commit £1,500 to the cost of an electric motorcycle, comes after meetings with the electric motorcycle industry including representatives from a number of manufacturers including Harley-Davidson, whose electric Livewire machine will make its UK debut in May, BMW, Suzuki, Volt and Mahindra.


“Low emission vehicles are the future and show that we can meet our climate change commitments without giving up our cars or motorbikes. Electric motorcycles and scooters and scooters have got fantastic potential and can be a real force for good. 

This investment shows we are serious about increasing the uptake of cleaner vehicles in the UK, and offer a fantastic place for firms to locate their research and development and manufacturing facilities. Supporting new technologies is a key part of our long-term economic plan.”