Ready for first ride: New 2015 Ducati Multistrada 1200

Potski on the Multistrada in Lanzarote
Ducati's new 2015 Multistrada 1200S is all-new for 2015 and we're at the World Press Launch in Lanzarote to ride it tomorrow.

The third generation of the Multistrada 1200 gets a new 160bhp Variable Valve Timing engine, new chassis, restyled bodywork for better wind protection and a whole host of upgraded electronic safety aids.

On the Multistrada S there's a whole host of features like a headlight that can see round corners, cornering ABS, adjustable wheelie control, plus cruise control and Bluetooth connectivity so you can use your phone when riding. You can even get a Multistrada phone app.

We're at the launch in a baking hot Lanzarote ready to ride the bike tomorrow.Ducati's Multistrada 1200S is all-new for 2015. We took a quick spin before our full ride tomorrow.
Ducati say we've got a full day-long (185 mile) test ride on the new bikes tomorrow. We're riding both the S and the standard Multistrada and Ducati have display versionf o the four different option packs - Touring, Urban, Sport and Enduro.

A planned ride at night to test the Ducati's new cornering light system this evening has now been scrapped.

Ducati's Francesco Rapisarda told me they had to change the plan because of road works on the route making it unsafe, and a sandstorm is supposed to be coming in tonight, so that looks like it may have to wait until later when we get the bike back in the UK. A shame because I was looking forward to testing the new system. Ah well.

We'll go into more details about the bike once we've spent more time with the standard bike and the S-version tomorrow.

For more updates as we ride the bike tomorrow, and the latest new from the launch follow Bennetts on Facebook or Twitter, and check back late tomorrow evening for our full road test and review.

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