The new line in anti-bike theft? Keep it in a shed.

Author: Bike Social Reporter Posted: 26 Jan 2015

Steel bars just 5 inches apart

Two years ago, brothers Phil and Paul Bagnall had £8,000 worth of motorcross bikes stolen from their garage. This spurred them into creating a super secure shed.

Nowadays, they run a business aimed at thwarting the opportunist thief from pinching you belongings from your garage or garden shed.

The Secure Shed Company offers a bespoke, steel-frame to fit inside an existing garage or shed, floor-to-ceiling. Alternatively, they can build you a complete wooden shed already fitted with steel cage, in two different sizes depending on whether you’re protecting one or two bikes.

Secure cage made-to-measure for your existing garage or shed

Instead of relying on your wooden gate, standard garden shed or even garage door to be your last line of defence against the bike thief, the Bagnell Brothers are convinced their UK-produced goods offer the most effective way of securing your property.

The steel cage contains 2.5mm x 25.4mm box steel bars set at 127mm apart. The inner steel lining allows shelving and a work bench to be hung from the side walls while stainless steel hinges and a Bull Dog secure lock give it additional strength.

Secure Shed, all made in the UK

The frame is welded together so they can be bolted using secure bolts that cannot be removed once tightened. The steel frame doors can be fitted anywhere on the shed or cage for ease of access and are held in place using stainless steel hinges and a Bull Dog secure lock.

Each shed and cage is supplied with a serial number stamped into the key.

The prices for a bespoke cage for your existing garage or shed are £995 for a single bike cage or £1250 for a double.