Front End Chatter - episode 97

Simon Hargreaves
By Simon Hargreaves
SimonHbikes Simon rides motorbikes, and then writes about them. He also co-presents the Front End Chatter podcast and plays bass guitar rather well.
Front End Chatter podcast

Apologies for the late arrival of FEC#97 – delayed by unexpected items in the bagging area – but now it’s here, let’s tuck in! Brought to you as always by the furiously febrile funkateers at and the bike-insuring bike insurers Bennetts, this week’s regurgitation of previously held opinions includes:

  • MotoGP (remember that?) round-up from Assen and Sachsenring, including neck braces, tankslappers, youngsters v old ’uns, should JL99 and/or VR46 retire, who’ll take ZR5’s place at KTM, and who’ll replace MCN race reporter now he’s taken the gig as PR blerk for Petronas Yamaha?
  • with Rea overturning Dave Bautista’s lead in WSB, does he still think his ZX-10R is “like taking a knife to a gunfight”?
  • MotoE’s first race – pointless comedy, the future, or both?

 PLUS! Listeners’ emails, including:

  • do leathers and other items of bike kit have a safety lifespan, and what’s best to clean them?
  • living proof back protectors are worth wearing all the time...
  • why are the roads in the Fens so bad?
  • has Scott Redding done enough to justify a ride in WSB next year... but will it actually pay more than he’s already getting in BSB?
  • has BTSport’s coverage of MotoGP been successful?
  • Chinese 125 retros: stylish or not? And why don’t the big manufacturers build such stripped-back bikes?
  • ...and should we make an ethical choice not to buy bikes from China, given their human rights record?

...and introducing our new bike-buying advice section, VFECR800 Corner, including:

  • what’s the best big £3k sporty bike for a big sporty bloke, upgrading from a ZX-6R?
  • what’s the best £4k second bike alongside a Daytona 675 for two-up weekend touring?
  • what’s the best bike to replace a Husqvarna 701 Supermoto and a Triumph Tiger 800?
  • what’s the best bike to deliver top-endy, rev-happy thrashable thrills instead of single-gear flexibility?
  • What’s the best cheap track-day bike to suit a 6-footer for a £2k?

Thanks for listening!

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